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Oxyuranus temporalis

Central Ranges Taipan

Venomous 💀💀💀💀💀 Extremely dangerous bite ref
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Taipans usually avoid confrontation, but they will strike fast and fiercely when cornered. Multiple bites, each bite will deliver a venom dosage that is usually lethal without antivenin-treatment. Horses had died within 5 minutes after a bite.


Taipan snakes are large, agile and highly venomous snakes endemic to Australasia. They mainly hunt rats and bandicoots. Temperament varies between the different species.
  • Length Adult

  • up to 166.3 cm ref
  • Length Newborn

  • unknown
  • Reproduction

  • unknown ref
  • Pupil Shape (when closed!)

  • round (or oval) ref
  • Fangs

  • fixed ref front-fanged ref
  • Teeth/Fang Length

  • 3 mm ref

Subspecies & Common Names

Oxyuranus temporalis  ENGLISH Central Ranges Taipan, Western Desert Taipan, SPANISH Taip├ín De Distribuci├│n Central ref

Full Taxonomy

  • I. Superfamily Colubroidea

  • Colubrids, elapids and vipers
  • II. Family Elapidae

  • Elapids
  • III. Subfamily Hydrophiinae

  • Sea snakes
  • IV. Genus Oxyuranus

  • Taipans
  • V. Species Oxyuranus temporalis

  • Central Ranges taipan
  • VI. snakeID

  • 761
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