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Dispholidus typus


Venomous 💀💀💀💀 Very dangerous ref
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It can take up to 48 hours after a bite until first symptoms show up. After any suspected bite you urgently need to go to a hospital.
  • Snake Length

  • 29 cm - 200 cm ref
  • Dentition

  • rear-fanged
  • Weight

  • ??? gr - 510 gr ref
  • D.movability

  • fixed
  • Pupil shape (closed state)

  • keyhole shape 
  • Teeth/Fang Length

  • 5.2 mm ref

Altitude range

Vertical distribution

??? to ??? meter above sea level (a.s.l.)

Subspecies & Common Names

Dispholidus typus  0 AF Boomslang, DE Afrikanische Baumschlange, EN Black back fanged Tree Snake, Brown back fanged Tree Snake, Cape back fanged Tree Snake, Green back fanged Tree Snake, Tree Snake, LOCAL Ikwakwa, Ndalanga, Noga, SW Ngole
Dispholidus typus typus 1
Dispholidus typus punctatus 2
Dispholidus typus kivuensis 51 EN Kivu Boomslang, Kivu Large Green Tree Snake

Full Taxonomy

  • I. Superfamily Colubroidea

  • Colubrids, elapids and vipers
  • II. Family Colubridae

  • Colubrids
  • III. Subfamily Colubrinae

  • Colubrids
  • IV. Genus Dispholidus

  • Boomslangs
  • V. Species Dispholidus typus

  • Boomslang
  • VI. snakeID

  • 1816