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Cerrophidion godmani

Godman's Montane Pitviper

Venomous 💀💀💀 Dangerous bite ref
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  • Length Adult

  • up to 82 cm ref
  • Length Newborn

  • 14 cm ref
  • Reproduction

  • ovoviviparous ref
  • Pupil Shape (when closed!)

  • slit (or vertical elliptical) ref
  • Fangs

  • foldable ref front-fanged ref

Altitude range

Vertical distribution

1400 to 3491 meter above sea level (a.s.l.) ref

Subspecies & Common Names

Cerrophidion godmani  BORUCA Dudabán, BRIBRI Borot Kabí, ENGLISH Godman's Lancehead, Godman's Montane Pitviper, Godman's Mountain Pitviper, Godman's Pitviper, Godman's Viper, Montane Pitvipers, FRENCH Trigonocéphale Montagnard, Trigonocéphale Montagnard De Godman, GERMAN Godman Lanzenotter, Godmans Berggrubenotter, Godmans Berglanzenotter, Hochlandviper, SPANISH Borot Kabi, Cantil De Tierra Fría, Cantil Frijolillo, Nauyaca Chata, Nauyaca De Frio, Nauyaca De Montaña, Nauyaca Del Frio, Tamagás, Tamagas Cafe, Timbo Chingo, Toboa Oscura, Toboba, Toboba De Altura, Toboita, Yaca Del Frío, TZELTAL Cantil, UNCODED LANGUAGES Dudaban, Sheta, Tamagas, UNDETERMINED LANGUAGE Chata, Cheta, Sheta, Tobita ref

Full Taxonomy

  • I. Superfamily Colubroidea

  • Colubrids, elapids and vipers
  • II. Family Viperidae

  • Vipers and pit vipers
  • III. Subfamily Crotalinae

  • Pit vipers
  • IV. Genus Cerrophidion

  • Montane pitvipers
  • V. Species Cerrophidion godmani

  • Godman's montane pitviper
  • VI. snakeID

  • 232
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