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Bungarus multicinctus

Many Banded Krait

Venomous 💀💀💀💀 Very dangerous bite ref
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Krait bites are often virtually painless, a victim may not realize it had been bitten until it is too late. Symptoms of envenomation are stomach cramps and face paralysis. Kraits are inactive at day, but agile at night when many bite accidents happen.
  • Length Adult

  • up to 185 cm ref
  • Length Newborn

  • 25 cm ref
  • Reproduction

  • oviparous ref
  • Pupil Shape (when closed!)

  • round (or oval) ref
  • Fangs

  • fixed ref front-fanged ref

Altitude range

Vertical distribution

0 to 1500 meter above sea level (a.s.l.) ref

Subspecies & Common Names

Bungarus multicinctus  CHINESE 白節蛇 (Bái Jié Shé), 銀包鐵 (Yín Bāo Tiě), 銀環蛇 (Yín Huán Shé), 銀環蛇指名亞種 (Yín Huán Shé Zhǐmíng Yà Zhǒng), 銀腳帶 (Yín Jiǎo Dài), 銀蛇 (Yín Shé), 雨傘節 (Yǔsǎn Jié), ENGLISH Chinese Banded Krait, Many Banded Krait, Silver Banded Krait, Taiwan Krait, FRENCH Bongare Rayé, GERMAN Chinesischer Vielbindenkrait, Vielbindenbungar, Vielgebänderter Krait, ITALIAN Bungaro Di Taiwan, Bungaro Fasciato, UNCODED LANGUAGES Ho Suwah Tsat, Yin Huan She ref
Bungarus multicinctus multicinctus ref
Bungarus multicinctus wanghaotingi ref

Full Taxonomy

  • I. Superfamily Colubroidea

  • Colubrids, elapids and vipers
  • II. Family Elapidae

  • Elapids
  • III. Subfamily Incertae_sedis (Elapidae)

  • not assigned to any subfamily
  • IV. Genus Bungarus

  • Kraits
  • V. Species Bungarus multicinctus

  • Many banded krait
  • VI. snakeID

  • 526
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