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Agkistrodon contortrix


Venomous 💀💀💀 Dangerous bite ref
Images automatically provided by Flickr & iNaturalist. Sporadic false assignment does occur.
  • Length Adult

  • up to 135 cm ref
  • Length Newborn

  • 17 to 25 cm ref
  • Reproduction

  • live birth (not specific) ref
  • Pupil Shape (when closed!)

  • slit (or vertical elliptical) ref
  • Fangs

  • foldable ref front-fanged ref
  • Teeth/Fang Length

  • 7.2 mm ref

Altitude range

Vertical distribution

0 to 914 meter above sea level (a.s.l.) ref

Subspecies & Common Names

Agkistrodon contortrix  ALABAMA Alba, CAROLINA ALGONQUIAN Keihtascooc, Sassaconuwak, CENTRAL NAHUATL Zolcóatl, Zolcuata, Zolcuate, CHICKASAW Chilha'kbi', Ishkobo'homma, Sinti' Chilambi, Sinti' Issikopa, CHOCTAW Chalakwa, Chilakwa, DUTCH Koperkop, ENGLISH American Copper Head, American Copperhead, Beach Leaf Snake, Beech Leaf Snake, Black Brown Moccasin, Black Copper Head, Black Moccasin, Chunk Head, Chunkhead, Copper Adder, Copper Bell, Copper Belly, Copper Belly Snake, Copper Head, Copper Head Moccasin, Copper Head Snake, Copper Head Viper, Copper Snake, Copper Viper, Copperhead, Cottonmouth, Deaf Adder, Deaf Snake, Death Adder, Dry Land Moccasin, Dryland Moccasin, Dumb Rattlesnake, Dumb Snake, Harlequin Snake, Hazel Head, Hazelhead, Highland Moccasin, Hog Nose, Hognose Snake, Lowland Moccasin, Moccasin, Narrow Banded Copper Head, North American Copper Head Snake, Northern Copper Head, Northern Copperhead, Oak Leaf Snake, Osage Copper Head, Pilot, Pilot Snake, Poplar Leaf Snake, Rattlesnake Mate, Rattlesnake Pilot, Rattlesnake's Cousin, Rattlesnake's Mate, Red Adder, Red Eye, Red Eyed Snake, Red Oak Snake, Red Snake, Red Viper, Rusty Moccasin, Sand Viper, Southeastern Copper Head, Southern Copper Head, Southern Copperhead, Striped Adder, Tennessee Highland Moccasin, Thunder Snake, Upland Moccasin, Viper, White Oak Snake, FINNISH Kuparipääkäärmeet, FRENCH Ancistrodon, Ancistrodon Tête Cuivrée, Mocassin à Tête Cuivrée, Serpent Cuivré, Tête Cuivrée, GERMAN Dreieckskopfotter, Kupferkopf, Kupferkopfotter, Kupper Schlange, Mokassinschlange, Nordamerikanischer Kupferkopf, Nördlicher Kupferkopf, Osage Kupferkopf, Osagen Kupferkopf, Südlicher Kupferkopf, Trans Pecos Kupferkopf, HUNGARIAN Rézfejû Mokaszinkígyó, ITALIAN Mocassino Messicano, KOASATI Itti Lapatkí, LATIN Ancistrodon, OSAGE We' Ts'a We Thi Xthi Zhu Dse, PIPIL Cuêtchhuat', SPANISH Cabeza Cobriza, Mocasín De Cabeza Cobriza, Mocasina, Mocasine, Víbora Cabeza De Cobre, Zolcuata, TZELTAL Cantil ref

Full Taxonomy

  • I. Superfamily Colubroidea

  • Colubrids, elapids and vipers
  • II. Family Viperidae

  • Vipers and pit vipers
  • III. Subfamily Crotalinae

  • Pit vipers
  • IV. Genus Agkistrodon

  • Copperheads
  • V. Species Agkistrodon contortrix

  • Copperhead
  • VI. snakeID

  • 168
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