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Distribution of Snake Fangs in the Taxonomic Tree

This is our first revision (v.1.0) of a complete snake fang taxonomy. This fang taxonomy is dynamically generated from snakeDB and always reflects the latest state of the underlying data. The aim of this page is to provide complete fang data for all snake species known to science. For this purpose we evaluated various scientific publications dealing with snake dentition.

We are not aware that there is any publication that provides fang data on species level for all snakes. Due to this, we had to use in many cases fang data mapped to higher genera like snake families. This approach does work well in some cases but it can be imprecise in others.

Here two examples about the advantages and disadvantages of asssigning fang data on family level from the book Venomous Reptiles and Their Toxins by BRYAN FRY.

A) In Plate 7 of the book FRY labeled the family Viperidae as front-fanged. Describing vipers as front-fanged is justifiable, because vipers are a extremely very well studied and comparably homogenous family of snakes. So far, there is no viper known to science that is not front-fanged. In this case, the fang mapping seems to be absolutely correct.

B) In Plate 7 of the book FRY labeled the family Colubridae as rear-fanged. Describing colubrids as rear-fanged seems an oversimplification, because colubrids are a very heterogenous family of snakes. ANDREW M. DURSO pointed out that colubrid genera like Dasypeltis, Lampropeltis, Pantherophis, Pituophis, Sonora, Regina, Atractus or Simophis may not be correctly described as rear-fanged. In this case, it seems advisable to review data for different genera or even on species level again.

In short: Even at the current state, the snakeDB fang taxonomy is the most complete data collection of its kind. But it does need future improvement as the generic data used for the first draft needs revision and verification on individual level. Please let us know if you want to contribute your knowledge and help improving the fang taxonomy. Your help will be highly appreciated!

Snake Fang Taxonomy

Color Code Legend

This taxonomic tree uses color codes on species level to display fang variation in snakes.

  • non-fanged snakes are displayed in blue font, e.g. Malayopython reticulatus
  • front-fanged snakes are displayed in red font, e.g. Naja naja
  • rear-fanged snakes are displayed in green, e.g. Rhabdophis subminiatus
  • front- & rear-fanged snakes are displayed in fuchsia, e.g. Psammodynastes pictus
  • palatine- & rear-fanged snakes are displayed in purple, e.g. Pythonodipsas carinata
  • other combinations or missing fang data is displayed in plain black

SUPERFAMILY. Acrochordoidea  
FAMILY. Acrochordidae  
Acrochordus javanicus, Acrochordus arafurae, Acrochordus granulatus

SUPERFAMILY. Uropeltoidea s.l.  
FAMILY. Anomochilidae  
Anomochilus monticola, Anomochilus leonardi, Anomochilus weberi
FAMILY. Cylindrophiidae  
Cylindrophis lineatus, Cylindrophis melanotus, Cylindrophis ruffus, Cylindrophis subocularis, Cylindrophis aruensis, Cylindrophis engkariensis, Cylindrophis jodiae, Cylindrophis maculatus, Cylindrophis opisthorhodus, Cylindrophis yamdena, Cylindrophis burmanus, Cylindrophis boulengeri, Cylindrophis isolepis
FAMILY. Uropeltidae  
Melanophidium wynaudense, Melanophidium punctatum, Melanophidium khairei, Melanophidium bilineatum , Platyplectrurus madurensis, Platyplectrurus trilineatus , Plectrurus aureus, Plectrurus perroteti, Plectrurus guentheri , Pseudoplectrurus canaricus , Rhinophis oxyrhynchus, Rhinophis punctatus, Rhinophis travancoricus, Rhinophis zigzag, Rhinophis phillipsi, Rhinophis philippinus, Rhinophis saffragamus, Rhinophis dorsimaculatus, Rhinophis erangaviraji, Rhinophis homolepis, Rhinophis porrectus, Rhinophis sanguineus, Rhinophis tricolorata, Rhinophis melanogaster, Rhinophis lineatus, Rhinophis goweri, Rhinophis blythii, Rhinophis roshanpererai, Rhinophis drummondhayi, Rhinophis fergusonianus , Teretrurus rhodogaster, Teretrurus sanguineus , Uropeltis macrorhyncha, Uropeltis bicatenata, Uropeltis ocellata, Uropeltis ceylanica, Uropeltis shorttii, Uropeltis ellioti, Uropeltis macrolepis, Uropeltis petersi, Uropeltis pulneyensis, Uropeltis woodmasoni, Uropeltis madurensis, Uropeltis grandis, Uropeltis beddomii, Uropeltis rubrolineata, Uropeltis broughami, Uropeltis nitida, Uropeltis dindigalensis, Uropeltis liura, Uropeltis myhendrae, Uropeltis phipsonii, Uropeltis rubromaculata, Uropeltis maculata, Uropeltis arcticeps

SUPERFAMILY. Pythonoidea s.l.  
FAMILY. Loxocemidae  
Loxocemus bicolor
FAMILY. Pythonidae  
Antaresia maculosa, Antaresia stimsoni, Antaresia childreni, Antaresia perthensis , Aspidites ramsayi, Aspidites melanocephalus , Bothrochilus huonensis, Bothrochilus montanus, Bothrochilus albertisii, Bothrochilus fredparkeri, Bothrochilus meridionalis, Bothrochilus boa, Bothrochilus biakensis , Liasis mackloti, Liasis papuanus, Liasis fuscus, Liasis olivaceus , Malayopython timoriensis, Malayopython reticulatus , Morelia carinata, Morelia viridis, Morelia bredli, Morelia spilota , Python breitensteini, Python curtus, Python molurus, Python regius, Python bivittatus, Python brongersmai, Python kyaiktiyo, Python natalensis, Python sebae, Python anchietae , Simalia amethistina, Simalia clastolepis, Simalia nauta, Simalia tracyae, Simalia boeleni, Simalia kinghorni, Simalia oenpelliensis
FAMILY. Xenopeltidae  
Xenopeltis unicolor, Xenopeltis hainanensis

FAMILY. Boidae  
SUBFAMILY. Boinae   
Boa constrictor, Boa imperator , Chilabothrus chrysogaster, Chilabothrus fordii, Chilabothrus inornatus, Chilabothrus striatus, Chilabothrus granti, Chilabothrus argentum, Chilabothrus angulifer, Chilabothrus exsul, Chilabothrus gracilis, Chilabothrus monensis, Chilabothrus subflavus, Chilabothrus strigilatus , Corallus annulatus, Corallus caninus, Corallus cropanii, Corallus ruschenbergerii, Corallus grenadensis, Corallus blombergi, Corallus cookii, Corallus hortulanus, Corallus batesii , Epicrates maurus, Epicrates assisi, Epicrates crassus, Epicrates alvarezi, Epicrates cenchria , Eunectes deschauenseei, Eunectes notaeus, Eunectes beniensis, Eunectes murinus
SUBFAMILY. Ungaliophiinae   
Exiliboa placata , Ungaliophis panamensis, Ungaliophis continentalis
SUBFAMILY. Erycinae   
Eryx colubrinus, Eryx elegans, Eryx jayakari, Eryx miliaris, Eryx somalicus, Eryx whitakeri, Eryx borrii, Eryx conicus, Eryx jaculus, Eryx johnii, Eryx muelleri, Eryx tataricus
SUBFAMILY. Calabariinae   
Calabaria reinhardtii
SUBFAMILY. Candoiinae   
Candoia aspera, Candoia paulsoni, Candoia carinata, Candoia bibroni, Candoia superciliosa
SUBFAMILY. Sanziniinae   
Acrantophis dumerili, Acrantophis madagascariensis , Sanzinia madagascariensis, Sanzinia volontany
SUBFAMILY. Charininae   
Charina bottae, Charina umbratica , Lichanura trivirgata, Lichanura orcutti

SUPERFAMILY. Colubroidea  
FAMILY. Colubridae  
SUBFAMILY. Colubrinae   
Aeluroglena cucullata , Ahaetulla fasciolata, Ahaetulla mycterizans, Ahaetulla prasina, Ahaetulla anomala, Ahaetulla dispar, Ahaetulla fronticincta, Ahaetulla nasuta, Ahaetulla pulverulenta, Ahaetulla perroteti , Aprosdoketophis andreonei , Archelaphe bella , Argyrogena vittacaudata, Argyrogena fasciolata , Arizona pacata, Arizona elegans , Bamanophis dorri , Bogertophis rosaliae, Bogertophis subocularis , Boiga tanahjampeana, Boiga cynodon, Boiga siamensis, Boiga wallachi, Boiga dightoni, Boiga beddomei, Boiga forsteni, Boiga nuchalis, Boiga guangxiensis, Boiga irregularis, Boiga jaspidea, Boiga multomaculata, Boiga barnesii, Boiga philippina, Boiga bourreti, Boiga saengsomi, Boiga cyanea, Boiga schultzei, Boiga trigonata, Boiga dendrophila, Boiga andamanensis, Boiga flaviviridis, Boiga drapiezii, Boiga multifasciata, Boiga gokool, Boiga nigriceps, Boiga hoeseli, Boiga kraepelini, Boiga angulata, Boiga ochracea, Boiga bengkuluensis, Boiga quincunciata, Boiga ceylonensis , Cemophora coccinea, Cemophora lineri , Chapinophis xanthocheilus , Chilomeniscus stramineus, Chilomeniscus savagei , Chionactis occipitalis, Chionactis annulata, Chionactis palarostris , Chironius diamantina, Chironius laurenti, Chironius challenger, Chironius flavolineatus, Chironius grandisquamis, Chironius multiventris, Chironius scurrulus, Chironius fuscus, Chironius leucometapus, Chironius septentrionalis, Chironius maculoventris, Chironius spixii, Chironius monticola, Chironius bicarinatus, Chironius exoletus, Chironius foveatus, Chironius laevicollis, Chironius quadricarinatus, Chironius vincenti, Chironius brazili, Chironius flavopictus, Chironius carinatus , Chrysopelea ornata, Chrysopelea pelias, Chrysopelea taprobanica, Chrysopelea paradisi, Chrysopelea rhodopleuron , Coelognathus erythrurus, Coelognathus helena, Coelognathus subradiatus, Coelognathus philippinus, Coelognathus flavolineatus, Coelognathus radiatus, Coelognathus enganensis , Coluber constrictor, Coluber fuliginosus , Colubroelaps nguyenvansangi , Conopsis lineata, Conopsis amphisticha, Conopsis megalodon, Conopsis acuta, Conopsis biserialis, Conopsis nasus , Coronella austriaca, Coronella girondica, Coronella brachyura , Crotaphopeltis barotseensis, Crotaphopeltis degeni, Crotaphopeltis tornieri, Crotaphopeltis hippocrepis, Crotaphopeltis braestrupi, Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia , Cyclophiops multicinctus, Cyclophiops doriae, Cyclophiops herminae, Cyclophiops major, Cyclophiops hamptoni, Cyclophiops semicarinatus , Dasypeltis parascabra, Dasypeltis inornata, Dasypeltis fasciata, Dasypeltis confusa, Dasypeltis medici, Dasypeltis scabra, Dasypeltis palmarum, Dasypeltis bazi, Dasypeltis atra, Dasypeltis abyssina, Dasypeltis gansi, Dasypeltis sahelensis, Dasypeltis latericia , Dendrelaphis fuliginosus, Dendrelaphis hollinrakei, Dendrelaphis schokari, Dendrelaphis inornatus, Dendrelaphis kopsteini, Dendrelaphis bifrenalis, Dendrelaphis pictus, Dendrelaphis marenae, Dendrelaphis caudolineatus, Dendrelaphis subocularis, Dendrelaphis nigroserratus, Dendrelaphis chairecacos, Dendrelaphis papuensis, Dendrelaphis terrificus, Dendrelaphis flavescens, Dendrelaphis calligaster, Dendrelaphis walli, Dendrelaphis gastrostictus, Dendrelaphis lineolatus, Dendrelaphis lorentzii, Dendrelaphis grandoculis, Dendrelaphis sinharajensis, Dendrelaphis modestus, Dendrelaphis haasi, Dendrelaphis punctulatus, Dendrelaphis humayuni, Dendrelaphis ashoki, Dendrelaphis striatus, Dendrelaphis levitoni, Dendrelaphis biloreatus, Dendrelaphis macrops, Dendrelaphis ngansonensis, Dendrelaphis caudolineolatus, Dendrelaphis andamanensis, Dendrelaphis oliveri, Dendrelaphis cyanochloris, Dendrelaphis tristis, Dendrelaphis underwoodi, Dendrelaphis formosus, Dendrelaphis philippinensis, Dendrelaphis striolatus, Dendrelaphis girii, Dendrelaphis keiensis, Dendrelaphis luzonensis, Dendrelaphis grismeri , Dendrophidion bivittatus, Dendrophidion atlantica, Dendrophidion brunneum, Dendrophidion dendrophis, Dendrophidion paucicarinatum, Dendrophidion vinitor, Dendrophidion graciliverpa, Dendrophidion rufiterminorum, Dendrophidion apharocybe, Dendrophidion boshelli, Dendrophidion crybelum, Dendrophidion nuchale, Dendrophidion percarinatum, Dendrophidion clarkii, Dendrophidion prolixum , Dipsadoboa werneri, Dipsadoboa underwoodi, Dipsadoboa duchesnii, Dipsadoboa shrevei, Dipsadoboa unicolor, Dipsadoboa brevirostris, Dipsadoboa aulica, Dipsadoboa flavida, Dipsadoboa weileri, Dipsadoboa viridis , Dispholidus typus , Dolichophis schmidti, Dolichophis cypriensis, Dolichophis caspius, Dolichophis jugularis , Drymarchon caudomaculatus, Drymarchon couperi, Drymarchon kolpobasileus, Drymarchon melanurus, Drymarchon corais, Drymarchon margaritae , Drymobius chloroticus, Drymobius rhombifer, Drymobius margaritiferus, Drymobius melanotropis , Drymoluber apurimacensis, Drymoluber brazili, Drymoluber dichrous , Dryocalamus tristrigatus, Dryocalamus philippinus, Dryocalamus subannulatus, Dryocalamus nympha, Dryocalamus gracilis, Dryocalamus davisonii , Dryophiops rubescens, Dryophiops philippina , Eirenis lineomaculatus, Eirenis punctatolineatus, Eirenis rothii, Eirenis barani, Eirenis kermanensis, Eirenis occidentalis, Eirenis aurolineatus, Eirenis coronelloides, Eirenis eiselti, Eirenis levantinus, Eirenis medus, Eirenis rechingeri, Eirenis persicus, Eirenis thospitis, Eirenis collaris, Eirenis africanus, Eirenis modestus, Eirenis coronella, Eirenis decemlineatus, Eirenis hakkariensis , Elachistodon westermanni , Elaphe quatuorlineata, Elaphe schrenckii, Elaphe hodgsoni, Elaphe taeniura, Elaphe cantoris, Elaphe bimaculata, Elaphe davidi, Elaphe quadrivirgata, Elaphe sauromates, Elaphe zoigeensis, Elaphe moellendorffi, Elaphe carinata, Elaphe anomala, Elaphe climacophora, Elaphe dione , Euprepiophis mandarinus, Euprepiophis conspicillata, Euprepiophis perlacea , Ficimia ruspator, Ficimia olivacea, Ficimia hardyi, Ficimia ramirezi, Ficimia streckeri, Ficimia variegata, Ficimia publia , Geagras redimitus , Gonyosoma oxycephalum, Gonyosoma frenatum, Gonyosoma margaritatum, Gonyosoma jansenii, Gonyosoma prasinum, Gonyosoma boulengeri , Gyalopion quadrangulare, Gyalopion canum , Hapsidophrys principis, Hapsidophrys lineatus, Hapsidophrys smaragdinus , Hemerophis socotrae , Hemorrhois algirus, Hemorrhois hippocrepis, Hemorrhois ravergieri, Hemorrhois nummifer , Hierophis andreanus, Hierophis viridiflavus, Hierophis gemonensis , Lampropeltis mexicana, Lampropeltis ruthveni, Lampropeltis triangulum, Lampropeltis zonata, Lampropeltis nigra, Lampropeltis gentilis, Lampropeltis annulata, Lampropeltis elapsoides, Lampropeltis alterna, Lampropeltis extenuata, Lampropeltis holbrooki, Lampropeltis pyromelana, Lampropeltis splendida, Lampropeltis webbi, Lampropeltis catalinensis, Lampropeltis abnorma, Lampropeltis calligaster, Lampropeltis polyzona, Lampropeltis micropholis, Lampropeltis knoblochi, Lampropeltis californiae, Lampropeltis getula , Leptodrymus pulcherrimus , Leptophis cupreus, Leptophis diplotropis, Leptophis riveti, Leptophis coeruleodorsus, Leptophis mexicanus, Leptophis ahaetulla, Leptophis depressirostris, Leptophis nebulosus, Leptophis haileyi, Leptophis stimsoni, Leptophis modestus , Lepturophis albofuscus , Limnophis bicolor, Limnophis bangweolicus , Liopeltis stoliczkae, Liopeltis philippinus, Liopeltis calamaria, Liopeltis rappi, Liopeltis tricolor, Liopeltis frenatus , Lycodon kundui, Lycodon rosozonatus, Lycodon hypsirhinoides, Lycodon liuchengchaoi, Lycodon striatus, Lycodon davidi, Lycodon sidiki, Lycodon ophiophagus, Lycodon cardamomensis, Lycodon aulicus, Lycodon paucifasciatus, Lycodon flavomaculatus, Lycodon capucinus, Lycodon carinatus, Lycodon solivagus, Lycodon effraenis, Lycodon multifasciatus, Lycodon subcinctus, Lycodon ferroni, Lycodon orientalis, Lycodon tessellatus, Lycodon futsingensis, Lycodon flavozonatus, Lycodon zawi, Lycodon jara, Lycodon meridionale, Lycodon cavernicolus, Lycodon laoensis, Lycodon travancoricus, Lycodon rufozonatus, Lycodon zoosvictoriae, Lycodon mackinnoni, Lycodon muelleri, Lycodon alcalai, Lycodon osmanhilli, Lycodon fasciatus, Lycodon bibonius, Lycodon ruhstrati, Lycodon septentrionalis, Lycodon chrysoprateros, Lycodon dumerilii, Lycodon stormi, Lycodon fausti, Lycodon butleri, Lycodon synaptor, Lycodon flavicollis, Lycodon semicarinatus, Lycodon tiwarii, Lycodon gongshan, Lycodon gammiei, Lycodon multizonatus , Lytorhynchus levitoni, Lytorhynchus kennedyi, Lytorhynchus paradoxus, Lytorhynchus diadema, Lytorhynchus gasperetti, Lytorhynchus maynardi, Lytorhynchus ridgewayi , Macroprotodon brevis, Macroprotodon cucullatus, Macroprotodon abubakeri, Macroprotodon mauritanicus , Masticophis bilineatus, Masticophis barbouri, Masticophis anthonyi, Masticophis mentovarius, Masticophis taeniatus, Masticophis lateralis, Masticophis flagellum, Masticophis aurigulus, Masticophis schotti, Masticophis slevini , Mastigodryas alternatus, Mastigodryas amarali, Mastigodryas boddaerti, Mastigodryas cliftoni, Mastigodryas heathii, Mastigodryas moratoi, Mastigodryas pleii, Mastigodryas reticulatus, Mastigodryas dorsalis, Mastigodryas bifossatus, Mastigodryas bruesi, Mastigodryas danieli, Mastigodryas melanolomus, Mastigodryas pulchriceps , Meizodon semiornatus, Meizodon krameri, Meizodon regularis, Meizodon coronatus, Meizodon plumbiceps , Mopanveldophis zebrinus , Muhtarophis barani , Oligodon culaochamensis, Oligodon fasciolatus, Oligodon juglandifer, Oligodon barroni, Oligodon petronellae, Oligodon saiyok, Oligodon vertebralis, Oligodon kheriensis, Oligodon trilineatus, Oligodon brevicauda, Oligodon praefrontalis, Oligodon lungshenensis, Oligodon splendidus, Oligodon ocellatus, Oligodon cinereus, Oligodon purpurascens, Oligodon mcdougalli, Oligodon modestus, Oligodon unicolor, Oligodon cyclurus, Oligodon sublineatus, Oligodon melanozonatus, Oligodon taeniatus, Oligodon catenatus, Oligodon eberhardti, Oligodon theobaldi, Oligodon moricei, Oligodon wagneri, Oligodon erythrorhachis, Oligodon waandersi, Oligodon albocinctus, Oligodon nikhili, Oligodon nagao, Oligodon bitorquatus, Oligodon forbesi, Oligodon annamensis, Oligodon octolineatus, Oligodon condaoensis, Oligodon affinis, Oligodon joynsoni, Oligodon arnensis, Oligodon perkinsi, Oligodon huahin, Oligodon chinensis, Oligodon kampucheaensis, Oligodon maculatus, Oligodon booliati, Oligodon planiceps, Oligodon hamptoni, Oligodon lacroixi, Oligodon travancoricus, Oligodon calamarius, Oligodon pseudotaeniatus, Oligodon macrurus, Oligodon arenarius, Oligodon woodmasoni, Oligodon cruentatus, Oligodon signatus, Oligodon melaneus, Oligodon dorsalis, Oligodon inornatus, Oligodon deuvei, Oligodon taeniolatus, Oligodon meyerinkii, Oligodon pulcherrimus, Oligodon venustus, Oligodon erythrogaster, Oligodon torquatus, Oligodon mouhoti, Oligodon cattienensis, Oligodon formosanus, Oligodon everetti, Oligodon ancorus, Oligodon notospilus, Oligodon propinquus, Oligodon saintgironsi, Oligodon jintakunei, Oligodon annulifer, Oligodon ornatus , Oocatochus rufodorsatus , Opheodrys aestivus, Opheodrys vernalis , Oreocryptophis porphyraceus , Orientocoluber spinalis , Oxybelis brevirostris, Oxybelis fulgidus, Oxybelis wilsoni, Oxybelis aeneus , Pantherophis ramspotti, Pantherophis vulpinus, Pantherophis guttatus, Pantherophis bairdi, Pantherophis obsoletus, Pantherophis spiloides, Pantherophis slowinskii, Pantherophis alleghaniensis, Pantherophis emoryi , Philothamnus girardi, Philothamnus heterolepidotus, Philothamnus ruandae, Philothamnus nitidus, Philothamnus thomensis, Philothamnus macrops, Philothamnus hughesi, Philothamnus battersbyi, Philothamnus dorsalis, Philothamnus bequaerti, Philothamnus heterodermus, Philothamnus hoplogaster, Philothamnus punctatus, Philothamnus semivariegatus, Philothamnus natalensis, Philothamnus pobeguini, Philothamnus carinatus, Philothamnus angolensis, Philothamnus irregularis, Philothamnus ornatus , Phrynonax poecilonotus, Phrynonax polylepis, Phrynonax shropshirei , Phyllorhynchus browni, Phyllorhynchus decurtatus , Pituophis lineaticollis, Pituophis insulanus, Pituophis catenifer, Pituophis melanoleucus, Pituophis vertebralis, Pituophis ruthveni, Pituophis deppei , Platyceps karelini, Platyceps gracilis, Platyceps najadum, Platyceps taylori, Platyceps rogersi, Platyceps largeni, Platyceps tessellata, Platyceps brevis, Platyceps noeli, Platyceps bholanathi, Platyceps saharicus, Platyceps sinai, Platyceps afarensis, Platyceps florulentus, Platyceps messanai, Platyceps somalicus, Platyceps rhodorachis, Platyceps collaris, Platyceps ventromaculatus, Platyceps scortecci, Platyceps ladacensis, Platyceps variabilis, Platyceps sindhensis, Platyceps insulanus, Platyceps thomasi, Platyceps elegantissimus , Pliocercus euryzonus, Pliocercus elapoides , Pseudelaphe phaescens, Pseudelaphe flavirufa , Pseudoficimia frontalis , Ptyas luzonensis, Ptyas dipsas, Ptyas korros, Ptyas nigromarginata, Ptyas carinata, Ptyas dhumnades, Ptyas fusca, Ptyas mucosa , Rhamnophis batesii, Rhamnophis aethiopissa , Rhinobothryum lentiginosum, Rhinobothryum bovallii , Rhinocheilus lecontei, Rhinocheilus etheridgei, Rhinocheilus antonii , Rhynchocalamus arabicus, Rhynchocalamus dayanae, Rhynchocalamus melanocephalus, Rhynchocalamus satunini, Rhynchocalamus ilamensis , Salvadora intermedia, Salvadora bairdi, Salvadora grahamiae, Salvadora lemniscata, Salvadora mexicana, Salvadora deserticola, Salvadora hexalepis , Scaphiophis raffreyi, Scaphiophis albopunctatus , Scolecophis atrocinctus , Senticolis triaspis , Simophis rhinostoma , Sonora aemula, Sonora mutabilis, Sonora semiannulata, Sonora michoacanensis , Spalerosophis diadema, Spalerosophis arenarius, Spalerosophis josephscorteccii, Spalerosophis atriceps, Spalerosophis microlepis, Spalerosophis dolichospilus , Spilotes pullatus, Spilotes sulphureus , Stegonotus heterurus, Stegonotus batjanensis, Stegonotus florensis, Stegonotus iridis, Stegonotus admiraltiensis, Stegonotus muelleri, Stegonotus modestus, Stegonotus cucullatus, Stegonotus diehli, Stegonotus parvus, Stegonotus derooijae, Stegonotus melanolabiatus, Stegonotus guentheri, Stegonotus borneensis , Stenorrhina degenhardtii, Stenorrhina freminvillei , Stichophanes ningshaanensis , Symphimus leucostomus, Symphimus mayae , Sympholis lippiens , Tantilla slavensi, Tantilla planiceps, Tantilla taeniata, Tantilla insulamontana, Tantilla supracincta, Tantilla deppei, Tantilla atriceps, Tantilla lempira, Tantilla tecta, Tantilla andinista, Tantilla nigra, Tantilla moesta, Tantilla boipiranga, Tantilla triseriata, Tantilla hendersoni, Tantilla oolitica, Tantilla calamarina, Tantilla vulcani, Tantilla nigriceps, Tantilla relicta, Tantilla cascadae, Tantilla yaquia, Tantilla albiceps, Tantilla rubra, Tantilla coronadoi, Tantilla berguidoi, Tantilla reticulata, Tantilla semicincta, Tantilla flavilineata, Tantilla gottei, Tantilla shawi, Tantilla brevicauda, Tantilla gracilis, Tantilla impensa, Tantilla stenigrammi, Tantilla striata, Tantilla bairdi, Tantilla melanocephala, Tantilla johnsoni, Tantilla tayrae, Tantilla alticola, Tantilla coronata, Tantilla miyatai, Tantilla trilineata, Tantilla armillata, Tantilla schistosa, Tantilla oaxacae, Tantilla briggsi, Tantilla tritaeniata, Tantilla bocourti, Tantilla psittaca, Tantilla capistrata, Tantilla wilcoxi, Tantilla vermiformis, Tantilla robusta, Tantilla ceboruca, Tantilla olympia, Tantilla jani, Tantilla ruficeps, Tantilla cuniculator, Tantilla tjiasmantoi, Tantilla sertula, Tantilla cucullata, Tantilla petersi, Tantilla hobartsmithi, Tantilla excelsa , Tantillita brevissima, Tantillita lintoni, Tantillita canula , Telescopus variegatus, Telescopus fallax, Telescopus tessellatus, Telescopus dhara, Telescopus hoogstraali, Telescopus rhinopoma, Telescopus tripolitanus, Telescopus finkeldeyi, Telescopus nigriceps, Telescopus pulcher, Telescopus beetzi, Telescopus gezirae, Telescopus obtusus, Telescopus semiannulatus , Thelotornis usambaricus, Thelotornis capensis, Thelotornis kirtlandii, Thelotornis mossambicanus , Thrasops schmidti, Thrasops jacksonii, Thrasops occidentalis, Thrasops flavigularis , Toxicodryas pulverulenta, Toxicodryas blandingii , Trimorphodon paucimaculatus, Trimorphodon tau, Trimorphodon biscutatus, Trimorphodon lyrophanes, Trimorphodon quadruplex, Trimorphodon vilkinsonii, Trimorphodon lambda , Wallaceophis gujaratensis , Xenelaphis ellipsifer, Xenelaphis hexagonotus , Xyelodontophis uluguruensis , Zamenis persicus, Zamenis scalaris, Zamenis situla, Zamenis lineatus, Zamenis longissimus, Zamenis hohenackeri
SUBFAMILY. Grayiinae   
Grayia caesar, Grayia tholloni, Grayia ornata, Grayia smithii
SUBFAMILY. Calamariinae   
Calamaria nuchalis, Calamaria linnaei, Calamaria butonensis, Calamaria suluensis, Calamaria lovii, Calamaria crassa, Calamaria acutirostris, Calamaria lumholtzi, Calamaria brongersmai, Calamaria forcarti, Calamaria concolor, Calamaria mecheli, Calamaria lateralis, Calamaria gialaiensis, Calamaria everetti, Calamaria palawanensis, Calamaria gracillima, Calamaria septentrionalis, Calamaria abstrusa, Calamaria pfefferi, Calamaria hilleniusi, Calamaria leucogaster, Calamaria apraeocularis, Calamaria rebentischi, Calamaria javanica, Calamaria curta, Calamaria bitorques, Calamaria thanhi, Calamaria lautensis, Calamaria modesta, Calamaria virgulata, Calamaria buchi, Calamaria schmidti, Calamaria longirostris, Calamaria ceramensis, Calamaria albiventer, Calamaria lumbricoidea, Calamaria bicolor, Calamaria doederleini, Calamaria battersbyi, Calamaria margaritophora, Calamaria muelleri, Calamaria gervaisii, Calamaria eiselti, Calamaria melanota, Calamaria grabowskyi, Calamaria borneensis, Calamaria abramovi, Calamaria pavimentata, Calamaria griswoldi, Calamaria yunnanensis, Calamaria alidae, Calamaria prakkei, Calamaria ingeri, Calamaria schlegeli, Calamaria banggaiensis, Calamaria sangi, Calamaria joloensis, Calamaria sumatrana, Calamaria boesemani, Calamaria ulmeri , Calamorhabdium acuticeps, Calamorhabdium kuekenthali , Collorhabdium williamsoni , Etheridgeum pulchrum , Macrocalamus lateralis, Macrocalamus chanardi, Macrocalamus jasoni, Macrocalamus tweediei, Macrocalamus vogeli, Macrocalamus gentingensis, Macrocalamus schulzi , Pseudorabdion eiselti, Pseudorabdion albonuchalis, Pseudorabdion mcnamarae, Pseudorabdion montanum, Pseudorabdion saravacense, Pseudorabdion talonuran, Pseudorabdion ater, Pseudorabdion torquatum, Pseudorabdion oxycephalum, Pseudorabdion longiceps, Pseudorabdion modiglianii, Pseudorabdion sarasinorum, Pseudorabdion sirambense, Pseudorabdion taylori, Pseudorabdion collaris , Rabdion grovesi, Rabdion forsteni
SUBFAMILY. Pseudoxenodontinae   
Plagiopholis blakewayi, Plagiopholis styani, Plagiopholis nuchalis, Plagiopholis delacouri , Pseudoxenodon inornatus, Pseudoxenodon macrops, Pseudoxenodon baramensis, Pseudoxenodon stejnegeri, Pseudoxenodon bambusicola, Pseudoxenodon karlschmidti , Thermophis baileyi, Thermophis shangrila, Thermophis zhaoermii
SUBFAMILY. Sibynophiinae   
Scaphiodontophis venustissimus, Scaphiodontophis annulatus , Sibynophis sagittarius, Sibynophis triangularis, Sibynophis bivittatus, Sibynophis chinensis, Sibynophis geminatus, Sibynophis subpunctatus, Sibynophis melanocephalus, Sibynophis collaris, Sibynophis bistrigatus
SUBFAMILY. Natricinae   
Adelophis foxi, Adelophis copei , Afronatrix anoscopus , Amphiesma stolatum , Amphiesmoides ornaticeps , Anoplohydrus aemulans , Aspidura trachyprocta, Aspidura drummondhayi, Aspidura copei, Aspidura deraniyagalae, Aspidura ravanai, Aspidura guentheri, Aspidura ceylonensis, Aspidura brachyorrhos , Atretium yunnanensis, Atretium schistosum , Balanophis ceylonensis , Clonophis kirtlandii , Haldea striatula , Hebius concelarum, Hebius pealii, Hebius flavifrons, Hebius pryeri, Hebius groundwateri, Hebius deschauenseei, Hebius sarawacense, Hebius ishigakiense, Hebius vibakari, Hebius sauteri, Hebius kerinciense, Hebius xenura, Hebius sarasinorum, Hebius leucomystax, Hebius monticola, Hebius petersii, Hebius miyajimae, Hebius clerki, Hebius atemporale, Hebius octolineatum, Hebius celebicum, Hebius parallelum, Hebius craspedogaster, Hebius popei, Hebius frenatum, Hebius sanguineum, Hebius inas, Hebius beddomei, Hebius venningi, Hebius johannis, Hebius viperinum, Hebius modestum, Hebius khasiense, Hebius taronense, Hebius andreae, Hebius metusium, Hebius boulengeri, Hebius arquus, Hebius nicobariense, Hebius bitaeniatum, Hebius optatum , Herpetoreas burbrinki, Herpetoreas sieboldii, Herpetoreas platyceps , Hologerrhum dermali, Hologerrhum philippinum , Hydrablabes praefrontalis, Hydrablabes periops , Hydraethiops melanogaster, Hydraethiops laevis , Iguanognathus werneri , Isanophis boonsongi , Liodytes alleni, Liodytes pygaea, Liodytes rigida , Lycognathophis seychellensis , Macropisthodon plumbicolor, Macropisthodon rudis, Macropisthodon flaviceps, Macropisthodon rhodomelas , Natriciteres pembana, Natriciteres bipostocularis, Natriciteres sylvatica, Natriciteres olivacea, Natriciteres variegata, Natriciteres fuliginoides , Natrix natrix, Natrix maura, Natrix tessellata , Nerodia rhombifer, Nerodia clarkii, Nerodia floridana, Nerodia paucimaculata, Nerodia taxispilota, Nerodia fasciata, Nerodia erythrogaster, Nerodia cyclopion, Nerodia harteri, Nerodia sipedon , Opisthotropis zhaoermii, Opisthotropis voquyi, Opisthotropis cheni, Opisthotropis daovantieni, Opisthotropis kikuzatoi, Opisthotropis latouchii, Opisthotropis rugosa, Opisthotropis lateralis, Opisthotropis tamdaoensis, Opisthotropis atra, Opisthotropis laui, Opisthotropis alcalai, Opisthotropis shenzhenensis, Opisthotropis balteata, Opisthotropis cucae, Opisthotropis jacobi, Opisthotropis kuatunensis, Opisthotropis maxwelli, Opisthotropis maculosa, Opisthotropis spenceri, Opisthotropis andersonii, Opisthotropis typica, Opisthotropis guangxiensis, Opisthotropis durandi , Parahelicops annamensis , Pararhabdophis chapaensis , Paratapinophis praemaxillaris , Regina grahamii, Regina septemvittata , Rhabdophis auriculata, Rhabdophis callistus, Rhabdophis chrysargos, Rhabdophis murudensis, Rhabdophis lineatus, Rhabdophis spilogaster, Rhabdophis himalayanus, Rhabdophis subminiatus, Rhabdophis nigrocinctus, Rhabdophis tigrinus, Rhabdophis nuchalis, Rhabdophis akraios, Rhabdophis angeli, Rhabdophis leonardi, Rhabdophis callichroma, Rhabdophis chrysargoides, Rhabdophis conspicillatus, Rhabdophis barbouri, Rhabdophis swinhonis, Rhabdophis pentasupralabialis, Rhabdophis adleri, Rhabdophis guangdongensis , Sinonatrix yunnanensis, Sinonatrix annularis, Sinonatrix aequifasciata, Sinonatrix percarinata , Storeria dekayi, Storeria occipitomaculata, Storeria victa, Storeria hidalgoensis, Storeria storerioides , Thamnophis proximus, Thamnophis postremus, Thamnophis atratus, Thamnophis radix, Thamnophis brachystoma, Thamnophis rufipunctatus, Thamnophis conanti, Thamnophis sirtalis, Thamnophis cyrtopsis, Thamnophis errans, Thamnophis fulvus, Thamnophis exsul, Thamnophis validus, Thamnophis lineri, Thamnophis godmani, Thamnophis mendax, Thamnophis butleri, Thamnophis ordinoides, Thamnophis scalaris, Thamnophis pulchrilatus, Thamnophis gigas, Thamnophis rossmani, Thamnophis chrysocephalus, Thamnophis scaliger, Thamnophis couchii, Thamnophis sumichrasti, Thamnophis eques, Thamnophis melanogaster, Thamnophis saurita, Thamnophis hammondii, Thamnophis elegans, Thamnophis unilabialis, Thamnophis marcianus, Thamnophis bogerti, Thamnophis nigronuchalis , Trachischium fuscum, Trachischium tenuiceps, Trachischium sushantai, Trachischium guentheri, Trachischium laeve, Trachischium monticola , Tropidoclonion lineatum , Tropidonophis parkeri, Tropidonophis aenigmaticus, Tropidonophis dendrophiops, Tropidonophis elongatus, Tropidonophis hypomelas, Tropidonophis montanus, Tropidonophis negrosensis, Tropidonophis picturatus, Tropidonophis mcdowelli, Tropidonophis truncatus, Tropidonophis punctiventris, Tropidonophis dahlii, Tropidonophis dolasii, Tropidonophis halmahericus, Tropidonophis mairii, Tropidonophis multiscutellatus, Tropidonophis novaeguineae, Tropidonophis doriae, Tropidonophis statisticus , Virginia valeriae , Xenochrophis schnurrenbergeri, Xenochrophis punctulatus, Xenochrophis tytleri, Xenochrophis vittatus, Xenochrophis cerasogaster, Xenochrophis melanzostus, Xenochrophis piscator, Xenochrophis maculatus, Xenochrophis trianguligerus, Xenochrophis sanctijohannis, Xenochrophis bellulus, Xenochrophis asperrimus, Xenochrophis flavipunctatus
SUBFAMILY. Incertae_sedis (Colubridae)   
Blythia reticulata, Blythia hmuifang , Cyclocorus lineatus, Cyclocorus nuchalis , Elapoidis fusca , Gongylosoma mukutense, Gongylosoma longicaudum, Gongylosoma baliodeirus, Gongylosoma nicobariensis, Gongylosoma scriptum , Helophis schoutedeni , Myersophis alpestris , Oreocalamus hanitschi , Poecilopholis cameronensis , Rhabdops bicolor, Rhabdops aquaticus, Rhabdops olivaceus , Tetralepis fruhstorferi
FAMILY. Lamprophiidae  
SUBFAMILY. Aparallactinae   
Amblyodipsas katangensis, Amblyodipsas concolor, Amblyodipsas dimidiata, Amblyodipsas rodhaini, Amblyodipsas ventrimaculata, Amblyodipsas unicolor, Amblyodipsas polylepis, Amblyodipsas microphthalma, Amblyodipsas teitana , Aparallactus werneri, Aparallactus nigriceps, Aparallactus capensis, Aparallactus jacksonii, Aparallactus lunulatus, Aparallactus modestus, Aparallactus lineatus, Aparallactus moeruensis, Aparallactus guentheri, Aparallactus turneri, Aparallactus niger , Brachyophis revoili , Chilorhinophis butleri, Chilorhinophis gerardi , Hypoptophis wilsonii , Macrelaps microlepidotus , Micrelaps bicoloratus, Micrelaps vaillanti, Micrelaps muelleri, Micrelaps tchernovi , Polemon gabonensis, Polemon notatus, Polemon neuwiedi, Polemon collaris, Polemon acanthias, Polemon fulvicollis, Polemon griseiceps, Polemon robustus, Polemon gracilis, Polemon bocourti, Polemon christyi, Polemon barthii , Xenocalamus bicolor, Xenocalamus michelli, Xenocalamus transvaalensis, Xenocalamus mechowii, Xenocalamus sabiensis
SUBFAMILY. Atractaspidinae   
Atractaspis congica, Atractaspis dahomeyensis, Atractaspis engaddensis, Atractaspis fallax, Atractaspis magrettii, Atractaspis micropholis, Atractaspis andersonii, Atractaspis scorteccii, Atractaspis leucomelas, Atractaspis boulengeri, Atractaspis aterrima, Atractaspis corpulenta, Atractaspis duerdeni, Atractaspis engdahli, Atractaspis irregularis, Atractaspis microlepidota, Atractaspis phillipsi, Atractaspis reticulata, Atractaspis bibronii, Atractaspis watsoni, Atractaspis battersbyi , Homoroselaps lacteus, Homoroselaps dorsalis
SUBFAMILY. Lamprophiinae   
Boaedon maculatus, Boaedon subflavus, Boaedon capensis, Boaedon virgatus, Boaedon longilineatus, Boaedon perisilvestris, Boaedon lineatus, Boaedon olivaceus, Boaedon littoralis, Boaedon fuliginosus, Boaedon upembae, Boaedon paralineatus, Boaedon radfordi , Bothrolycus ater , Bothrophthalmus brunneus, Bothrophthalmus lineatus , Chamaelycus fasciatus, Chamaelycus werneri, Chamaelycus christyi, Chamaelycus parkeri , Dendrolycus elapoides , Gonionotophis gabouensis, Gonionotophis guirali, Gonionotophis laurenti, Gonionotophis poensis, Gonionotophis stenophthalmus, Gonionotophis chanleri, Gonionotophis brussauxi, Gonionotophis egbensis, Gonionotophis grantii, Gonionotophis klingi, Gonionotophis nyassae, Gonionotophis savorgnani, Gonionotophis vernayi, Gonionotophis capensis, Gonionotophis crossi , Hormonotus modestus , Inyoka swazicus , Lamprophis abyssinicus, Lamprophis erlangeri, Lamprophis geometricus, Lamprophis guttatus, Lamprophis aurora, Lamprophis fiskii, Lamprophis fuscus , Lycodonomorphus obscuriventris, Lycodonomorphus inornatus, Lycodonomorphus laevissimus, Lycodonomorphus leleupi, Lycodonomorphus subtaeniatus, Lycodonomorphus whytii, Lycodonomorphus mlanjensis, Lycodonomorphus bicolor, Lycodonomorphus rufulus , Lycophidion semicinctum, Lycophidion variegatum, Lycophidion acutirostre, Lycophidion meleagre, Lycophidion capense, Lycophidion hellmichi, Lycophidion laterale, Lycophidion namibianum, Lycophidion ornatum, Lycophidion semiannule, Lycophidion uzungwense, Lycophidion taylori, Lycophidion pembanum, Lycophidion albomaculatum, Lycophidion nanum, Lycophidion depressirostre, Lycophidion irroratum, Lycophidion multimaculatum, Lycophidion nigromaculatum, Lycophidion pygmaeum , Pseudoboodon boehmei, Pseudoboodon gascae, Pseudoboodon sandfordorum, Pseudoboodon lemniscatus
SUBFAMILY. Psammophiinae   
Dipsina multimaculata , Hemirhagerrhis viperina, Hemirhagerrhis kelleri, Hemirhagerrhis hildebrandtii, Hemirhagerrhis nototaenia , Malpolon monspessulanus, Malpolon insignitus , Mimophis mahfalensis, Mimophis occultus , Psammophis occidentalis, Psammophis notostictus, Psammophis jallae, Psammophis trigrammus, Psammophis orientalis, Psammophis subtaeniatus, Psammophis leightoni, Psammophis trinasalis, Psammophis praeornatus, Psammophis aegyptius, Psammophis lineatus, Psammophis leithii, Psammophis zambiensis, Psammophis pulcher, Psammophis ansorgii, Psammophis elegans, Psammophis leopardinus, Psammophis phillipsii, Psammophis punctulatus, Psammophis biseriatus, Psammophis angolensis, Psammophis longifrons, Psammophis brevirostris, Psammophis rukwae, Psammophis lineolatus, Psammophis mossambicus, Psammophis condanarus, Psammophis schokari, Psammophis sudanensis, Psammophis namibensis, Psammophis crucifer, Psammophis sibilans, Psammophis indochinensis, Psammophis tanganicus , Psammophylax togoensis, Psammophylax rhombeatus, Psammophylax acutus, Psammophylax tritaeniatus, Psammophylax variabilis, Psammophylax multisquamis , Rhagerhis moilensis , Rhamphiophis oxyrhynchus, Rhamphiophis rubropunctatus, Rhamphiophis rostratus
SUBFAMILY. Prosymninae   
Prosymna lineata, Prosymna ruspolii, Prosymna sundevalli, Prosymna semifasciata, Prosymna somalica, Prosymna meleagris, Prosymna bivittata, Prosymna janii, Prosymna ornatissima, Prosymna stuhlmanni, Prosymna visseri, Prosymna frontalis, Prosymna angolensis, Prosymna pitmani, Prosymna ambigua, Prosymna greigerti
SUBFAMILY. Pseudaspidinae   
Pseudaspis cana , Pythonodipsas carinata
SUBFAMILY. Pseudoxyrhophiinae   
Alluaudina bellyi, Alluaudina mocquardi , Amplorhinus multimaculatus , Brygophis coulangesi , Compsophis zeny, Compsophis boulengeri, Compsophis albiventris, Compsophis fatsibe, Compsophis infralineatus, Compsophis laphystius, Compsophis vinckei , Ditypophis vivax , Dromicodryas bernieri, Dromicodryas quadrilineatus , Duberria lutrix, Duberria variegata, Duberria shirana, Duberria rhodesiana , Elapotinus picteti , Heteroliodon fohy, Heteroliodon occipitalis, Heteroliodon lava , Ithycyphus blanci, Ithycyphus goudoti, Ithycyphus miniatus, Ithycyphus perineti, Ithycyphus oursi , Langaha madagascariensis, Langaha alluaudi, Langaha pseudoalluaudi , Leioheterodon modestus, Leioheterodon madagascariensis, Leioheterodon geayi , Liophidium pattoni, Liophidium therezieni, Liophidium rhodogaster, Liophidium torquatum, Liophidium trilineatum, Liophidium vaillanti, Liophidium apperti, Liophidium chabaudi, Liophidium maintikibo, Liophidium mayottensis , Liopholidophis rhadinaea, Liopholidophis sexlineatus, Liopholidophis varius, Liopholidophis baderi, Liopholidophis oligolepis, Liopholidophis grandidieri, Liopholidophis dimorphus, Liopholidophis dolicocercus , Lycodryas granuliceps, Lycodryas pseudogranuliceps, Lycodryas guentheri, Lycodryas carleti, Lycodryas gaimardi, Lycodryas inopinae, Lycodryas cococola, Lycodryas maculatus, Lycodryas inornatus, Lycodryas citrinus , Madagascarophis ocellatus, Madagascarophis colubrinus, Madagascarophis meridionalis, Madagascarophis fuchsi, Madagascarophis lolo , Micropisthodon ochraceus , Pararhadinaea melanogaster , Parastenophis betsileanus , Phisalixella variabilis, Phisalixella arctifasciata, Phisalixella iarakaensis, Phisalixella tulearensis , Pseudoxyrhopus ambreensis, Pseudoxyrhopus sokosoko, Pseudoxyrhopus analabe, Pseudoxyrhopus ankafinaensis, Pseudoxyrhopus heterurus, Pseudoxyrhopus imerinae, Pseudoxyrhopus kely, Pseudoxyrhopus microps, Pseudoxyrhopus tritaeniatus, Pseudoxyrhopus oblectator, Pseudoxyrhopus quinquelineatus , Thamnosophis stumpffi, Thamnosophis lateralis, Thamnosophis epistibes, Thamnosophis infrasignatus, Thamnosophis martae, Thamnosophis mavotenda
SUBFAMILY. Incertae_sedis (Lamprophiidae)   
Buhoma procterae, Buhoma depressiceps, Buhoma vauerocegae , Montaspis gilvomaculata , Oxyrhabdium modestum, Oxyrhabdium leporinum , Psammodynastes pictus, Psammodynastes pulverulentus
FAMILY. Elapidae  
SUBFAMILY. Hydrophiinae   
Acanthophis pyrrhus, Acanthophis wellsi, Acanthophis hawkei, Acanthophis praelongus, Acanthophis rugosus, Acanthophis cryptamydros, Acanthophis antarcticus, Acanthophis laevis , Aipysurus fuscus, Aipysurus laevis, Aipysurus duboisii, Aipysurus foliosquama, Aipysurus pooleorum, Aipysurus apraefrontalis, Aipysurus eydouxii, Aipysurus tenuis, Aipysurus mosaicus , Antaioserpens albiceps, Antaioserpens warro , Aspidomorphus schlegelii, Aspidomorphus muelleri, Aspidomorphus lineaticollis , Austrelaps ramsayi, Austrelaps superbus, Austrelaps labialis , Brachyurophis incinctus, Brachyurophis roperi, Brachyurophis australis, Brachyurophis fasciolatus, Brachyurophis morrisi, Brachyurophis semifasciatus, Brachyurophis campbelli, Brachyurophis approximans , Cacophis harriettae, Cacophis squamulosus, Cacophis churchilli, Cacophis krefftii , Cryptophis boschmai, Cryptophis nigrostriatus, Cryptophis nigrescens, Cryptophis incredibilis, Cryptophis pallidiceps , Demansia calodera, Demansia olivacea, Demansia papuensis, Demansia psammophis, Demansia quaesitor, Demansia shinei, Demansia vestigiata, Demansia rufescens, Demansia reticulata, Demansia angusticeps, Demansia flagellatio, Demansia rimicola, Demansia simplex, Demansia torquata , Denisonia devisi, Denisonia maculata , Drysdalia rhodogaster, Drysdalia mastersii, Drysdalia coronoides , Echiopsis curta , Elapognathus minor, Elapognathus coronatus , Emydocephalus annulatus, Emydocephalus szczerbaki, Emydocephalus ijimae , Ephalophis greyae , Furina ornata, Furina diadema, Furina tristis, Furina barnardi, Furina dunmalli , Hemiaspis damelii, Hemiaspis signata , Hoplocephalus bungaroides, Hoplocephalus stephensii, Hoplocephalus bitorquatus , Hydrelaps darwiniensis , Hydrophis fasciatus, Hydrophis nigrocinctus, Hydrophis donaldi, Hydrophis peronii, Hydrophis caerulescens, Hydrophis macdowelli, Hydrophis laboutei, Hydrophis ornatus, Hydrophis obscurus, Hydrophis lapemoides, Hydrophis viperinus, Hydrophis ocellatus, Hydrophis parviceps, Hydrophis sibauensis, Hydrophis hardwickii, Hydrophis curtus, Hydrophis kingii, Hydrophis cyanocinctus, Hydrophis inornatus, Hydrophis stokesii, Hydrophis pacificus, Hydrophis jerdonii, Hydrophis zweifeli, Hydrophis spiralis, Hydrophis cantoris, Hydrophis klossi, Hydrophis platurus, Hydrophis hendersoni, Hydrophis belcheri, Hydrophis bituberculatus, Hydrophis melanosoma, Hydrophis lamberti, Hydrophis torquatus, Hydrophis pachycercos, Hydrophis mamillaris, Hydrophis schistosus, Hydrophis vorisi, Hydrophis melanocephalus, Hydrophis stricticollis, Hydrophis coggeri, Hydrophis gracilis, Hydrophis major, Hydrophis czeblukovi, Hydrophis elegans, Hydrophis atriceps, Hydrophis semperi, Hydrophis brookii , Kolpophis annandalei , Loveridgelaps elapoides , Micropechis ikaheca , Neelaps calonotus , Notechis scutatus , Ogmodon vitianus , Oxyuranus temporalis, Oxyuranus scutellatus, Oxyuranus microlepidotus , Parahydrophis mertoni , Parapistocalamus hedigeri , Parasuta flagellum, Parasuta monachus, Parasuta spectabilis, Parasuta dwyeri, Parasuta gouldii, Parasuta nigriceps , Paroplocephalus atriceps , Pseudechis weigeli, Pseudechis pailsei, Pseudechis butleri, Pseudechis guttatus, Pseudechis porphyriacus, Pseudechis rossignolii, Pseudechis australis, Pseudechis colletti, Pseudechis papuanus , Pseudonaja aspidorhyncha, Pseudonaja inframacula, Pseudonaja mengdeni, Pseudonaja nuchalis, Pseudonaja affinis, Pseudonaja guttata, Pseudonaja ingrami, Pseudonaja modesta, Pseudonaja textilis , Rhinoplocephalus bicolor , Salomonelaps par , Simoselaps littoralis, Simoselaps anomalus, Simoselaps bimaculatus, Simoselaps minimus, Simoselaps bertholdi , Suta fasciata, Suta punctata, Suta ordensis, Suta suta , Thalassophis anomalus , Toxicocalamus pachysomus, Toxicocalamus spilolepidotus, Toxicocalamus ernstmayri, Toxicocalamus buergersi, Toxicocalamus holopelturus, Toxicocalamus loriae, Toxicocalamus misimae, Toxicocalamus preussi, Toxicocalamus stanleyanus, Toxicocalamus cratermontanus, Toxicocalamus nigrescens, Toxicocalamus grandis, Toxicocalamus longissimus, Toxicocalamus mintoni , Tropidechis carinatus , Vermicella annulata, Vermicella intermedia, Vermicella vermiformis, Vermicella multifasciata, Vermicella snelli
SUBFAMILY. Incertae_sedis (Elapidae)   
Aspidelaps lubricus, Aspidelaps scutatus , Bungarus andamanensis, Bungarus caeruleus, Bungarus candidus, Bungarus ceylonicus, Bungarus lividus, Bungarus magnimaculatus, Bungarus fasciatus, Bungarus multicinctus, Bungarus niger, Bungarus sindanus, Bungarus walli, Bungarus bungaroides, Bungarus flaviceps, Bungarus persicus, Bungarus slowinskii , Calliophis bibroni, Calliophis gracilis, Calliophis melanurus, Calliophis haematoetron, Calliophis intestinalis, Calliophis nigrescens, Calliophis bivirgatus, Calliophis beddomei, Calliophis maculiceps, Calliophis castoe, Calliophis salitan , Dendroaspis viridis, Dendroaspis jamesoni, Dendroaspis polylepis, Dendroaspis angusticeps , Elapsoidea boulengeri, Elapsoidea chelazziorum, Elapsoidea laticincta, Elapsoidea loveridgei, Elapsoidea nigra, Elapsoidea semiannulata, Elapsoidea trapei, Elapsoidea broadleyi, Elapsoidea guentherii, Elapsoidea sundevallii , Hemachatus haemachatus , Hemibungarus calligaster , Laticauda colubrina, Laticauda frontalis, Laticauda laticaudata, Laticauda semifasciata, Laticauda crockeri, Laticauda guineai, Laticauda saintgironsi, Laticauda schistorhyncha , Micruroides euryxanthus , Micrurus filiformis, Micrurus paraensis, Micrurus browni, Micrurus steindachneri, Micrurus brasiliensis, Micrurus mertensi, Micrurus obscurus, Micrurus hemprichii, Micrurus proximans, Micrurus mipartitus, Micrurus stuarti, Micrurus catamayensis, Micrurus albicinctus, Micrurus ibiboboca, Micrurus putumayensis, Micrurus multifasciatus, Micrurus tener, Micrurus clarki, Micrurus altirostris, Micrurus isozonus, Micrurus remotus, Micrurus narduccii, Micrurus potyguara, Micrurus collaris, Micrurus annellatus, Micrurus laticollaris, Micrurus renjifoi, Micrurus nattereri, Micrurus decoratus, Micrurus averyi, Micrurus lemniscatus, Micrurus sangilensis, Micrurus diastema, Micrurus nigrocinctus, Micrurus scutiventris, Micrurus bernadi, Micrurus limbatus, Micrurus distans, Micrurus ornatissimus, Micrurus silviae, Micrurus bocourti, Micrurus margaritiferus, Micrurus ephippifer, Micrurus pachecogili, Micrurus elegans, Micrurus spurrelli, Micrurus meridensis, Micrurus fulvius, Micrurus peruvianus, Micrurus nebularis, Micrurus stewarti, Micrurus camilae, Micrurus frontalis, Micrurus hippocrepis, Micrurus psyches, Micrurus mosquitensis, Micrurus surinamensis, Micrurus circinalis, Micrurus alleni, Micrurus pyrrhocryptus, Micrurus multiscutatus, Micrurus tschudii, Micrurus ancoralis, Micrurus langsdorffi, Micrurus tikuna, Micrurus corallinus, Micrurus latifasciatus, Micrurus ruatanus, Micrurus diana, Micrurus baliocoryphus, Micrurus dissoleucus, Micrurus oligoanellatus, Micrurus serranus, Micrurus dumerilii, Micrurus pacaraimae, Micrurus petersi, Micrurus spixii, Micrurus bogerti, Micrurus medemi , Naja atra, Naja pallida, Naja haje, Naja sagittifera, Naja katiensis, Naja senegalensis, Naja mandalayensis, Naja sumatrana, Naja mossambica, Naja anchietae, Naja multifasciata, Naja siamensis, Naja nigricincta, Naja annulifera, Naja nivea, Naja ashei, Naja oxiana, Naja christyi, Naja philippinensis, Naja kaouthia, Naja samarensis, Naja sputatrix, Naja melanoleuca, Naja peroescobari, Naja naja, Naja annulata, Naja nigricollis, Naja arabica, Naja nubiae , Ophiophagus hannah , Pseudohaje goldii, Pseudohaje nigra , Sinomicrurus sauteri, Sinomicrurus japonicus, Sinomicrurus macclellandi, Sinomicrurus hatori, Sinomicrurus kelloggi , Walterinnesia morgani, Walterinnesia aegyptia
FAMILY. Homalopsidae  
Bitia hydroides , Brachyorrhos albus, Brachyorrhos raffrayi, Brachyorrhos gastrotaenius, Brachyorrhos wallacei , Calamophis katesandersae, Calamophis sharonbrooksae, Calamophis jobiensis, Calamophis ruuddelangi , Cantoria violacea , Cerberus microlepis, Cerberus dunsoni, Cerberus australis, Cerberus rynchops, Cerberus schneiderii , Dieurostus dussumieri , Djokoiskandarus annulata , Enhydris innominata, Enhydris longicauda, Enhydris enhydris, Enhydris jagorii, Enhydris subtaeniata, Enhydris chanardi , Erpeton tentaculatum , Ferania sieboldii , Fordonia leucobalia , Gerarda prevostiana , Gyiophis vorisi, Gyiophis maculosa, Gyiophis salweenensis , Heurnia ventromaculata , Homalophis doriae, Homalophis gyii , Homalopsis hardwickii, Homalopsis mereljcoxi, Homalopsis semizonata, Homalopsis buccata, Homalopsis nigroventralis , Hypsiscopus matannensis, Hypsiscopus plumbea , Karnsophis siantaris , Kualatahan pahangensis , Mintonophis pakistanicus , Miralia alternans , Myron richardsonii, Myron resetari, Myron karnsi , Myrrophis chinensis, Myrrophis bennettii , Phytolopsis punctata , Pseudoferania polylepis , Raclitia indica , Subsessor bocourti , Sumatranus albomaculata
FAMILY. Pareatidae  
Aplopeltura boa , Asthenodipsas malaccanus, Asthenodipsas lasgalenensis, Asthenodipsas laevis, Asthenodipsas vertebralis, Asthenodipsas tropidonotus , Pareas nuchalis, Pareas chinensis, Pareas hamptoni, Pareas margaritophorus, Pareas vindumi, Pareas boulengeri, Pareas komaii, Pareas carinatus, Pareas nigriceps, Pareas formosensis, Pareas iwasakii, Pareas stanleyi, Pareas monticola, Pareas atayal
FAMILY. Viperidae  
SUBFAMILY. Azemiopinae   
Azemiops kharini, Azemiops feae
SUBFAMILY. Crotalinae   
Agkistrodon piscivorus, Agkistrodon laticinctus, Agkistrodon howardgloydi, Agkistrodon contortrix, Agkistrodon taylori, Agkistrodon conanti, Agkistrodon russeolus, Agkistrodon bilineatus , Atropoides indomitus, Atropoides nummifer, Atropoides olmec, Atropoides mexicanus, Atropoides occiduus, Atropoides picadoi , Bothriechis marchi, Bothriechis rowleyi, Bothriechis supraciliaris, Bothriechis guifarroi, Bothriechis bicolor, Bothriechis lateralis, Bothriechis nigroviridis, Bothriechis schlegelii, Bothriechis thalassinus, Bothriechis nubestris, Bothriechis aurifer , Bothrocophias campbelli, Bothrocophias hyoprora, Bothrocophias myersi, Bothrocophias colombianus, Bothrocophias microphthalmus, Bothrocophias andianus , Bothrops atrox, Bothrops venezuelensis, Bothrops medusa, Bothrops barnetti, Bothrops ammodytoides, Bothrops pulchra, Bothrops caribbaeus, Bothrops alcatraz, Bothrops fonsecai, Bothrops lanceolatus, Bothrops erythromelas, Bothrops itapetiningae, Bothrops lojanus, Bothrops jararaca, Bothrops taeniatus, Bothrops marmoratus, Bothrops matogrossensis, Bothrops otavioi, Bothrops muriciensis, Bothrops pauloensis, Bothrops pictus, Bothrops punctatus, Bothrops asper, Bothrops sanctaecrucis, Bothrops chloromelas, Bothrops ayerbei, Bothrops alternatus, Bothrops oligolepis, Bothrops brazili, Bothrops cotiara, Bothrops rhombeatus, Bothrops jararacussu, Bothrops diporus, Bothrops leucurus, Bothrops insularis, Bothrops jonathani, Bothrops marajoensis, Bothrops lutzi, Bothrops sazimai, Bothrops moojeni, Bothrops neuwiedi, Bothrops osbornei, Bothrops pubescens, Bothrops pirajai, Bothrops bilineatus , Calloselasma rhodostoma , Cerrophidion tzotzilorum, Cerrophidion godmani, Cerrophidion sasai, Cerrophidion wilsoni, Cerrophidion petlalcalensis , Crotalus tigris, Crotalus lannomi, Crotalus transversus, Crotalus viridis, Crotalus mitchellii, Crotalus tzabcan, Crotalus atrox, Crotalus oreganus, Crotalus aquilus, Crotalus pyrrhus, Crotalus pricei, Crotalus catalinensis, Crotalus vegrandis, Crotalus ravus, Crotalus cerberus, Crotalus estebanensis, Crotalus scutulatus, Crotalus durissus, Crotalus morulus, Crotalus stejnegeri, Crotalus ericsmithi, Crotalus tlaloci, Crotalus tancitarensis, Crotalus intermedius, Crotalus thalassoporus, Crotalus totonacus, Crotalus lepidus, Crotalus triseriatus, Crotalus campbelli, Crotalus molossus, Crotalus willardi, Crotalus adamanteus, Crotalus polystictus, Crotalus basiliscus, Crotalus ornatus, Crotalus pusillus, Crotalus cerastes, Crotalus lorenzoensis, Crotalus ruber, Crotalus culminatus, Crotalus angelensis, Crotalus simus, Crotalus enyo, Crotalus armstrongi, Crotalus stephensi, Crotalus horridus, Crotalus polisi , Deinagkistrodon acutus , Garthius chaseni , Gloydius rickmersi, Gloydius qinlingensis, Gloydius blomhoffii, Gloydius halys, Gloydius lijianlii, Gloydius strauchi, Gloydius ussuriensis, Gloydius monticola, Gloydius rubromaculatus, Gloydius intermedius, Gloydius brevicaudus, Gloydius himalayanus, Gloydius shedaoensis, Gloydius tsushimaensis, Gloydius liupanensis , Hypnale hypnale, Hypnale zara, Hypnale nepa , Lachesis melanocephala, Lachesis stenophrys, Lachesis acrochorda, Lachesis muta , Mixcoatlus browni, Mixcoatlus barbouri, Mixcoatlus melanurus , Ophryacus undulatus, Ophryacus sphenophrys, Ophryacus smaragdinus , Ovophis zayuensis, Ovophis makazayazaya, Ovophis tonkinensis, Ovophis convictus, Ovophis monticola, Ovophis okinavensis , Porthidium arcosae, Porthidium hespere, Porthidium nasutum, Porthidium porrasi, Porthidium yucatanicum, Porthidium dunni, Porthidium lansbergii, Porthidium ophryomegas, Porthidium volcanicum , Protobothrops cornutus, Protobothrops jerdonii, Protobothrops mangshanensis, Protobothrops maolanensis, Protobothrops sieversorum, Protobothrops trungkhanhensis, Protobothrops dabieshanensis, Protobothrops himalayanus, Protobothrops flavoviridis, Protobothrops kaulbacki, Protobothrops mucrosquamatus, Protobothrops tokarensis, Protobothrops xiangchengensis, Protobothrops elegans , Sistrurus miliarius, Sistrurus catenatus, Sistrurus tergeminus , Trimeresurus gramineus, Trimeresurus vogeli, Trimeresurus brongersmai, Trimeresurus phuketensis, Trimeresurus gumprechti, Trimeresurus wiroti, Trimeresurus insularis, Trimeresurus puniceus, Trimeresurus honsonensis, Trimeresurus mutabilis, Trimeresurus albolabris, Trimeresurus rubeus, Trimeresurus labialis, Trimeresurus andalasensis, Trimeresurus schultzei, Trimeresurus macrops, Trimeresurus sichuanensis, Trimeresurus borneensis, Trimeresurus malcolmi, Trimeresurus sumatranus, Trimeresurus cardamomensis, Trimeresurus medoensis, Trimeresurus trigonocephalus, Trimeresurus fasciatus, Trimeresurus venustus, Trimeresurus macrolepis, Trimeresurus nebularis, Trimeresurus gracilis, Trimeresurus popeiorum, Trimeresurus hageni, Trimeresurus yunnanensis, Trimeresurus stejnegeri, Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus, Trimeresurus kanburiensis, Trimeresurus gunaleni, Trimeresurus sabahi, Trimeresurus andersonii, Trimeresurus septentrionalis, Trimeresurus malabaricus, Trimeresurus strigatus, Trimeresurus cantori, Trimeresurus mcgregori, Trimeresurus tibetanus, Trimeresurus erythrurus, Trimeresurus truongsonensis, Trimeresurus flavomaculatus , Tropidolaemus huttoni, Tropidolaemus philippensis, Tropidolaemus wagleri, Tropidolaemus laticinctus, Tropidolaemus subannulatus
SUBFAMILY. Viperinae   
Atheris hirsuta, Atheris katangensis, Atheris matildae, Atheris rungweensis, Atheris subocularis, Atheris acuminata, Atheris ceratophora, Atheris desaixi, Atheris hispida, Atheris mabuensis, Atheris nitschei, Atheris squamigera, Atheris anisolepis, Atheris barbouri, Atheris broadleyi, Atheris chlorechis , Bitis cornuta, Bitis heraldica, Bitis nasicornis, Bitis peringueyi, Bitis rubida, Bitis worthingtoni, Bitis albanica, Bitis harenna, Bitis armata, Bitis caudalis, Bitis gabonica, Bitis inornata, Bitis parviocula, Bitis rhinoceros, Bitis schneideri, Bitis xeropaga, Bitis arietans, Bitis atropos , Causus lichtensteinii, Causus rasmusseni, Causus bilineatus, Causus defilippii, Causus resimus, Causus maculatus, Causus rhombeatus , Cerastes boehmei, Cerastes vipera, Cerastes cerastes, Cerastes gasperettii , Daboia russelii, Daboia mauritanica, Daboia palaestinae, Daboia siamensis , Echis carinatus, Echis coloratus, Echis jogeri, Echis leucogaster, Echis megalocephalus, Echis pyramidum, Echis borkini, Echis hughesi, Echis khosatzkii, Echis omanensis, Echis ocellatus , Eristicophis macmahoni , Macrovipera schweizeri, Macrovipera lebetina , Montatheris hindii , Montivipera bornmuelleri, Montivipera latifii, Montivipera wagneri, Montivipera bulgardaghica, Montivipera albizona, Montivipera kuhrangica, Montivipera raddei, Montivipera xanthina , Proatheris superciliaris , Pseudocerastes fieldi, Pseudocerastes urarachnoides, Pseudocerastes persicus , Vipera berus, Vipera olguni, Vipera dinniki, Vipera walser, Vipera kaznakovi, Vipera lotievi, Vipera orlovi, Vipera renardi, Vipera transcaucasiana, Vipera ammodytes, Vipera shemakhensis, Vipera barani, Vipera anatolica, Vipera darevskii, Vipera monticola, Vipera eriwanensis, Vipera latastei, Vipera magnifica, Vipera pontica, Vipera seoanei, Vipera altaica, Vipera ursinii, Vipera aspis, Vipera graeca
FAMILY. Xenodermidae  
Achalinus formosanus, Achalinus jinggangensis, Achalinus niger, Achalinus spinalis, Achalinus ater, Achalinus hainanus, Achalinus meiguensis, Achalinus rufescens, Achalinus werneri , Fimbrios smithi, Fimbrios klossi , Parafimbrios lao , Stoliczkia khasiensis, Stoliczkia borneensis , Xenodermus javanicus , Xylophis perroteti, Xylophis stenorhynchus, Xylophis captaini
FAMILY. Dipsadidae  
Adelphicos daryi, Adelphicos nigrilatum, Adelphicos veraepacis, Adelphicos sargii, Adelphicos visoninum, Adelphicos ibarrorum, Adelphicos quadrivirgatum, Adelphicos newmanorum, Adelphicos latifasciatum , Alsophis danforthi, Alsophis rijgersmaei, Alsophis sajdaki, Alsophis sibonius, Alsophis antillensis, Alsophis manselli, Alsophis rufiventris, Alsophis sanctonum, Alsophis antiguae , Amastridium sapperi, Amastridium veliferum , Amnesteophis melanauchen , Apostolepis underwoodi, Apostolepis nelsonjorgei, Apostolepis albicollaris, Apostolepis nigrolineata, Apostolepis ammodites, Apostolepis phillipsae, Apostolepis assimilis, Apostolepis quirogai, Apostolepis cearensis, Apostolepis vittata, Apostolepis christineae, Apostolepis tenuis, Apostolepis mariae, Apostolepis flavotorquata, Apostolepis borellii, Apostolepis intermedia, Apostolepis goiasensis, Apostolepis lineata, Apostolepis multicincta, Apostolepis striata, Apostolepis niceforoi, Apostolepis ambiniger, Apostolepis nigroterminata, Apostolepis arenaria, Apostolepis pymi, Apostolepis breviceps, Apostolepis serrana, Apostolepis cerradoensis, Apostolepis thalesdelemai, Apostolepis dorbignyi, Apostolepis tertulianobeui, Apostolepis polylepis, Apostolepis gaboi, Apostolepis dimidiata, Apostolepis longicaudata , Arrhyton procerum, Arrhyton supernum, Arrhyton tanyplectum, Arrhyton dolichura, Arrhyton redimitum, Arrhyton taeniatum, Arrhyton vittatum, Arrhyton ainictum , Atractus microrhynchus, Atractus tamaensis, Atractus nigriventris, Atractus duboisi, Atractus esepe, Atractus attenuates, Atractus hostilitractus, Atractus paravertebralis, Atractus spinalis, Atractus multidentatus, Atractus taphorni, Atractus fuliginosus, Atractus echidna, Atractus pyroni, Atractus ayeush, Atractus indistinctus, Atractus pauciscutatus, Atractus multicinctus, Atractus natans, Atractus titanicus, Atractus savagei, Atractus edioi, Atractus potschi, Atractus loveridgei, Atractus balzani, Atractus iridescens, Atractus emigdioi, Atractus nigricaudus, Atractus maculatus, Atractus trivittatus, Atractus zebrinus, Atractus resplendens, Atractus clarki, Atractus boulengerii, Atractus lasallei, Atractus eriki, Atractus obtusirostris, Atractus guentheri, Atractus typhon, Atractus variegatus, Atractus ronnie, Atractus meridensis, Atractus carrioni, Atractus limitaneus, Atractus flammigerus, Atractus ochrosetrus, Atractus melanogaster, Atractus vertebrolineatus, Atractus albuquerquei, Atractus sanctaemartae, Atractus serranus, Atractus charitoae, Atractus manizalesensis, Atractus altagratiae, Atractus francoi, Atractus orcesi, Atractus medusa, Atractus zidoki, Atractus matthewi, Atractus snethlageae, Atractus boettgeri, Atractus crassicaudatus, Atractus alytogrammus, Atractus apophis, Atractus gigas, Atractus pamplonensis, Atractus cerberus, Atractus micheleae, Atractus surucucu, Atractus occidentalis, Atractus depressiocellus, Atractus boimirim, Atractus atratus, Atractus hoogmoedi, Atractus paraguayensis, Atractus wagleri, Atractus mijaresi, Atractus tamessari, Atractus modestus, Atractus duidensis, Atractus heyeri, Atractus avernus, Atractus imperfectus, Atractus paucidens, Atractus werneri, Atractus nasutus, Atractus thalesdelemai, Atractus biseriatus, Atractus ecuadorensis, Atractus major, Atractus tartarus, Atractus badius, Atractus insipidus, Atractus poeppigi, Atractus elaps, Atractus nicefori, Atractus trihedrurus, Atractus taeniatus, Atractus punctiventris, Atractus bocourti, Atractus bocki, Atractus lancinii, Atractus emmeli, Atractus obesus, Atractus trilineatus, Atractus turikensis, Atractus torquatus, Atractus riveroi, Atractus collaris, Atractus caete, Atractus lehmanni, Atractus favae, Atractus occipitoalbus, Atractus sanguineus, Atractus ventrimaculatus, Atractus acheronius, Atractus roulei, Atractus peruvianus, Atractus caxiuana, Atractus macondo, Atractus franciscopaivai, Atractus oculotemporalis, Atractus reticulatus, Atractus vittatus, Atractus alphonsehogei, Atractus schach, Atractus vertebralis, Atractus chthonius, Atractus mariselae, Atractus andinus, Atractus gaigeae, Atractus paisa, Atractus erythromelas, Atractus touzeti, Atractus melas, Atractus steyermarki, Atractus latifrons, Atractus darienensis, Atractus careolepis, Atractus arangoi, Atractus heliobelluomini, Atractus pantostictus, Atractus dunni , Boiruna maculata, Boiruna sertaneja , Borikenophis sanctaecrucis, Borikenophis portoricensis, Borikenophis variegatus , Caaeteboia amarali , Calamodontophis paucidens, Calamodontophis ronaldoi , Caraiba andreae , Carphophis vermis, Carphophis amoenus , Cercophis auratus , Chersodromus rubriventris, Chersodromus liebmanni , Clelia clelia, Clelia errabunda, Clelia langeri, Clelia plumbea, Clelia equatoriana, Clelia hussami, Clelia scytalina , Coniophanes dromiciformis, Coniophanes imperialis, Coniophanes lateritius, Coniophanes meridanus, Coniophanes quinquevittatus, Coniophanes melanocephalus, Coniophanes taylori, Coniophanes michoacanensis, Coniophanes bipunctatus, Coniophanes fissidens, Coniophanes joanae, Coniophanes longinquus, Coniophanes piceivittis, Coniophanes sarae, Coniophanes alvarezi, Coniophanes schmidti, Coniophanes andresensis , Conophis lineatus, Conophis morai, Conophis vittatus , Contia longicaudae, Contia tenuis , Coronelaps lepidus , Crisantophis nevermanni , Cryophis hallbergi , Cubophis cantherigerus, Cubophis fuscicauda, Cubophis vudii, Cubophis caymanus, Cubophis ruttyi, Cubophis brooksi , Diadophis punctatus , Diaphorolepis laevis, Diaphorolepis wagneri , Dipsas oreas, Dipsas variegata, Dipsas pavonina, Dipsas albifrons, Dipsas pratti, Dipsas articulata, Dipsas sazimai, Dipsas brevifacies, Dipsas tenuissima, Dipsas catesbyi, Dipsas viguieri, Dipsas copei, Dipsas gracilis, Dipsas praeornata, Dipsas incerta, Dipsas temporalis, Dipsas nicholsi, Dipsas indica, Dipsas pakaraima, Dipsas gaigeae, Dipsas peruana, Dipsas andiana, Dipsas sanctijoannis, Dipsas baliomelas, Dipsas schunkii, Dipsas bucephala, Dipsas vermiculata, Dipsas chaparensis, Dipsas bicolor, Dipsas cisticeps, Dipsas ellipsifera, Dipsas elegans, Dipsas trinitatis, Dipsas maxillaris, Dipsas alternans , Ditaxodon taeniatus , Drepanoides anomalus , Echinanthera cephalomaculata, Echinanthera cyanopleura, Echinanthera undulata, Echinanthera amoena, Echinanthera cephalostriata, Echinanthera melanostigma , Elapomorphus wuchereri, Elapomorphus quinquelineatus , Emmochliophis miops, Emmochliophis fugleri , Enuliophis sclateri , Enulius bifoveatus, Enulius oligostichus, Enulius flavitorques, Enulius roatanensis , Erythrolamprus maryellenae, Erythrolamprus guentheri, Erythrolamprus pseudocorallus, Erythrolamprus perfuscus, Erythrolamprus viridis, Erythrolamprus almadensis, Erythrolamprus problematicus, Erythrolamprus oligolepis, Erythrolamprus carajasensis, Erythrolamprus sagittifer, Erythrolamprus zweifeli, Erythrolamprus cobella, Erythrolamprus frenatus, Erythrolamprus torrenicola, Erythrolamprus dorsocorallinus, Erythrolamprus taeniurus, Erythrolamprus triscalis, Erythrolamprus festae, Erythrolamprus breviceps, Erythrolamprus vitti, Erythrolamprus janaleeae, Erythrolamprus aesculapii, Erythrolamprus albertguentheri, Erythrolamprus melanotus, Erythrolamprus longiventris, Erythrolamprus mimus, Erythrolamprus pygmaeus, Erythrolamprus mossoroensis, Erythrolamprus ocellatus, Erythrolamprus pyburni, Erythrolamprus poecilogyrus, Erythrolamprus miliaris, Erythrolamprus atraventer, Erythrolamprus reginae, Erythrolamprus subocularis, Erythrolamprus ceii, Erythrolamprus mertensi, Erythrolamprus taeniogaster, Erythrolamprus cursor, Erythrolamprus ornatus, Erythrolamprus trebbaui, Erythrolamprus epinephelus, Erythrolamprus ingeri, Erythrolamprus typhlus, Erythrolamprus jaegeri, Erythrolamprus andinus, Erythrolamprus williamsi, Erythrolamprus juliae, Erythrolamprus bizona, Erythrolamprus semiaureus , Eutrachelophis bassleri, Eutrachelophis steinbachi , Farancia abacura, Farancia erytrogramma , Geophis betaniensis, Geophis tarascae, Geophis juarezi, Geophis brachycephalus, Geophis zeledoni, Geophis latifrontalis, Geophis rhodogaster, Geophis carinosus, Geophis lorancai, Geophis mutitorques, Geophis godmani, Geophis championi, Geophis nigroalbus, Geophis laticinctus, Geophis downsi, Geophis nigrocinctus, Geophis omiltemanus, Geophis duellmani, Geophis nasalis, Geophis rostralis, Geophis fulvoguttatus, Geophis pyburni, Geophis sallaei, Geophis immaculatus, Geophis bellus, Geophis talamancae, Geophis isthmicus, Geophis blanchardi, Geophis tectus, Geophis juliai, Geophis cancellatus, Geophis turbidus, Geophis maculiferus, Geophis bicolor, Geophis chalybeus, Geophis nephodrymus, Geophis dunni, Geophis damiani, Geophis laticollaris, Geophis occabus, Geophis dubius, Geophis sieboldi, Geophis petersii, Geophis dugesii, Geophis ruthveni, Geophis russatus, Geophis hoffmanni, Geophis anocularis, Geophis semidoliatus, Geophis incomptus , Gomesophis brasiliensis , Haitiophis anomalus , Helicops hagmanni, Helicops pastazae, Helicops yacu, Helicops nentur, Helicops polylepis, Helicops leopardinus, Helicops scalaris, Helicops angulatus, Helicops gomesi, Helicops infrataeniatus, Helicops tapajonicus, Helicops apiaka, Helicops petersi, Helicops modestus, Helicops danieli, Helicops trivittatus, Helicops carinicaudus , Heterodon nasicus, Heterodon gloydi, Heterodon simus, Heterodon platirhinos, Heterodon kennerlyi , Hydrodynastes melanogigas, Hydrodynastes gigas, Hydrodynastes bicinctus , Hydromorphus concolor, Hydromorphus dunni , Hydrops caesurus, Hydrops triangularis, Hydrops martii , Hypsiglena torquata, Hypsiglena jani, Hypsiglena ochrorhyncha, Hypsiglena tanzeri, Hypsiglena catalinae, Hypsiglena affinis, Hypsiglena chlorophaea, Hypsiglena slevini, Hypsiglena unaocularus , Hypsirhynchus scalaris, Hypsirhynchus ferox, Hypsirhynchus melanichnus, Hypsirhynchus polylepis, Hypsirhynchus callilaemus, Hypsirhynchus funereus, Hypsirhynchus parvifrons, Hypsirhynchus ater , Ialtris haetianus, Ialtris agyrtes, Ialtris dorsalis, Ialtris parishi , Imantodes lentiferus, Imantodes tenuissimus, Imantodes guane, Imantodes inornatus, Imantodes gemmistratus, Imantodes phantasma, Imantodes chocoensis, Imantodes cenchoa , Leptodeira maculata, Leptodeira punctata, Leptodeira bakeri, Leptodeira nigrofasciata, Leptodeira uribei, Leptodeira polysticta, Leptodeira septentrionalis, Leptodeira annulata, Leptodeira splendida, Leptodeira frenata, Leptodeira rubricata, Leptodeira rhombifera , Lioheterophis iheringi , Lygophis anomalus, Lygophis elegantissimus, Lygophis dilepis, Lygophis vanzolinii, Lygophis lineatus, Lygophis meridionalis, Lygophis paucidens, Lygophis flavifrenatus , Magliophis stahli, Magliophis exiguum , Manolepis putnami , Mussurana bicolor, Mussurana quimi, Mussurana montana , Ninia sebae, Ninia pavimentata, Ninia celata, Ninia espinali, Ninia psephota, Ninia teresitae, Ninia maculata, Ninia atrata, Ninia diademata, Ninia hudsoni, Ninia franciscoi , Nothopsis rugosus , Omoadiphas aurula, Omoadiphas texiguatensis, Omoadiphas cannula , Oxyrhopus formosus, Oxyrhopus clathratus, Oxyrhopus erdisii, Oxyrhopus guibei, Oxyrhopus melanogenys, Oxyrhopus trigeminus, Oxyrhopus occipitalis, Oxyrhopus rhombifer, Oxyrhopus doliatus, Oxyrhopus fitzingeri, Oxyrhopus marcapatae, Oxyrhopus petolarius, Oxyrhopus vanidicus, Oxyrhopus leucomelas , Paraphimophis rusticus , Phalotris lemniscatus, Phalotris tricolor, Phalotris nasutus, Phalotris labiomaculatus, Phalotris multipunctatus, Phalotris sansebastiani, Phalotris reticulatus, Phalotris matogrossensis, Phalotris mertensi, Phalotris concolor, Phalotris cuyanus, Phalotris lativittatus, Phalotris nigrilatus, Phalotris normanscotti, Phalotris bilineatus , Philodryas amaru, Philodryas baroni, Philodryas erlandi, Philodryas cordata, Philodryas livida, Philodryas olfersii, Philodryas psammophidea, Philodryas tachymenoides, Philodryas nattereri, Philodryas viridissima, Philodryas aestiva, Philodryas boliviana, Philodryas arnaldoi, Philodryas georgeboulengeri, Philodryas chamissonis, Philodryas laticeps, Philodryas mattogrossensis, Philodryas patagoniensis, Philodryas simonsii, Philodryas varia, Philodryas trilineata, Philodryas argentea, Philodryas agassizii , Phimophis guerini, Phimophis vittatus, Phimophis guianensis , Plesiodipsas perijanensis , Pseudalsophis steindachneri, Pseudalsophis dorsalis, Pseudalsophis slevini, Pseudalsophis elegans, Pseudalsophis occidentalis, Pseudalsophis biserialis, Pseudalsophis hoodensis , Pseudoboa serrana, Pseudoboa neuwiedii, Pseudoboa coronata, Pseudoboa haasi, Pseudoboa martinsi, Pseudoboa nigra , Pseudoeryx relictualis, Pseudoeryx plicatilis , Pseudoleptodeira latifasciata , Pseudotomodon trigonatus , Psomophis genimaculatus, Psomophis obtusus, Psomophis joberti , Ptychophis flavovirgatus , Rhachidelus brazili , Rhadinaea stadelmani, Rhadinaea vermiculaticeps, Rhadinaea gaigeae, Rhadinaea bogertorum, Rhadinaea decorata, Rhadinaea fulvivittis, Rhadinaea laureata, Rhadinaea marcellae, Rhadinaea taeniata, Rhadinaea pulveriventris, Rhadinaea calligaster, Rhadinaea sargenti, Rhadinaea forbesi, Rhadinaea montana, Rhadinaea cuneata, Rhadinaea flavilata, Rhadinaea hesperia, Rhadinaea macdougalli, Rhadinaea omiltemana, Rhadinaea myersi, Rhadinaea quinquelineata , Rhadinella tolpanorum, Rhadinella dysmica, Rhadinella schistosa, Rhadinella hannsteini, Rhadinella kanalchutchan, Rhadinella lachrymans, Rhadinella pegosalyta, Rhadinella posadasi, Rhadinella serperaster, Rhadinella donaji, Rhadinella godmani, Rhadinella lisyae, Rhadinella anachoreta, Rhadinella hempsteadae, Rhadinella kinkelini, Rhadinella montecristi, Rhadinella pilonaorum, Rhadinella rogerromani , Rhadinophanes monticola , Rodriguesophis scriptorcibatus, Rodriguesophis iglesiasi, Rodriguesophis chui , Saphenophis atahuallpae, Saphenophis sneiderni, Saphenophis antioquiensis, Saphenophis boursieri, Saphenophis tristriatus , Sibon linearis, Sibon manzanaresi, Sibon miskitus, Sibon sanniolus, Sibon noalamina, Sibon annulatus, Sibon anthracops, Sibon carri, Sibon lamari, Sibon longifrenis, Sibon merendonensis, Sibon perissostichon, Sibon nebulatus, Sibon dunni, Sibon argus, Sibon dimidiatus , Sibynomorphus oligozonatus, Sibynomorphus turgidus, Sibynomorphus vagus, Sibynomorphus neuwiedi, Sibynomorphus williamsi, Sibynomorphus mikanii, Sibynomorphus oneilli, Sibynomorphus vagrans, Sibynomorphus petersi, Sibynomorphus ventrimaculatus, Sibynomorphus lavillai , Siphlophis pulcher, Siphlophis compressus, Siphlophis worontzowi, Siphlophis leucocephalus, Siphlophis cervinus, Siphlophis longicaudatus, Siphlophis ayauma , Sordellina punctata , Synophis plectovertebralis, Synophis niceforomariae, Synophis zamora, Synophis bogerti, Synophis calamitus, Synophis insulomontanus, Synophis zaheri, Synophis bicolor, Synophis lasallei , Tachymenis peruviana, Tachymenis chilensis, Tachymenis tarmensis, Tachymenis affinis, Tachymenis attenuata, Tachymenis elongata , Taeniophallus occipitalis, Taeniophallus persimilis, Taeniophallus quadriocellatus, Taeniophallus nebularis, Taeniophallus brevirostris, Taeniophallus nicagus, Taeniophallus poecilopogon, Taeniophallus bilineatus, Taeniophallus affinis , Tantalophis discolor , Thamnodynastes longicaudus, Thamnodynastes pallidus, Thamnodynastes ramonriveroi, Thamnodynastes strigatus, Thamnodynastes sertanejo, Thamnodynastes ceibae, Thamnodynastes phoenix, Thamnodynastes chimanta, Thamnodynastes dixoni, Thamnodynastes gambotensis, Thamnodynastes lanei, Thamnodynastes marahuaquensis, Thamnodynastes paraguanae, Thamnodynastes rutilus, Thamnodynastes almae, Thamnodynastes yavi, Thamnodynastes chaquensis, Thamnodynastes corocoroensis, Thamnodynastes duida, Thamnodynastes hypoconia , Tomodon orestes, Tomodon ocellatus, Tomodon dorsatus , Tretanorhinus nigroluteus, Tretanorhinus mocquardi, Tretanorhinus taeniatus, Tretanorhinus variabilis , Trimetopon slevini, Trimetopon pliolepis, Trimetopon viquezi, Trimetopon barbouri, Trimetopon gracile, Trimetopon simile , Tropidodipsas annulifera, Tropidodipsas fischeri, Tropidodipsas repleta, Tropidodipsas zweifeli, Tropidodipsas fasciata, Tropidodipsas philippii, Tropidodipsas sartorii , Tropidodryas serra, Tropidodryas striaticeps , Uromacer frenatus, Uromacer oxyrhynchus, Uromacer catesbyi , Uromacerina ricardinii , Urotheca myersi, Urotheca dumerilli, Urotheca lateristriga, Urotheca pachyura, Urotheca guentheri, Urotheca decipiens, Urotheca fulviceps, Urotheca multilineata , Xenodon semicinctus, Xenodon dorbignyi, Xenodon histricus, Xenodon severus, Xenodon matogrossensis, Xenodon nattereri, Xenodon pulcher, Xenodon neuwiedii, Xenodon rabdocephalus, Xenodon merremii, Xenodon guentheri, Xenodon werneri , Xenopholis undulatus, Xenopholis werdingorum, Xenopholis scalaris

SUPERFAMILY. Typhlopoidea  
FAMILY. Anomalepididae  
Anomalepis aspinosus, Anomalepis flavapices, Anomalepis mexicanus, Anomalepis colombia , Helminthophis flavoterminatus, Helminthophis frontalis, Helminthophis praeocularis , Liotyphlops ternetzii, Liotyphlops wilderi, Liotyphlops albirostris, Liotyphlops argaleus, Liotyphlops caissara, Liotyphlops schubarti, Liotyphlops trefauti, Liotyphlops anops, Liotyphlops beui, Liotyphlops haadi , Typhlophis squamosus
FAMILY. Gerrhopilidae  
Cathetorhinus melanocephalus , Gerrhopilus mirus, Gerrhopilus thurstoni, Gerrhopilus beddomii, Gerrhopilus eurydice, Gerrhopilus inornatus, Gerrhopilus persephone, Gerrhopilus ater, Gerrhopilus ceylonicus, Gerrhopilus depressiceps, Gerrhopilus hades, Gerrhopilus mcdowelli, Gerrhopilus tindalli, Gerrhopilus addisoni, Gerrhopilus fredparkeri, Gerrhopilus lestes, Gerrhopilus oligolepis, Gerrhopilus andamanensis, Gerrhopilus bisubocularis, Gerrhopilus floweri, Gerrhopilus hedraeus , Malayotyphlops manilae, Malayotyphlops andyi, Malayotyphlops collaris, Malayotyphlops castanotus, Malayotyphlops koekkoeki, Malayotyphlops luzonensis, Malayotyphlops ruficaudus, Malayotyphlops denrorum, Malayotyphlops ruber, Malayotyphlops canlaonensis, Malayotyphlops hypogius, Malayotyphlops kraalii
FAMILY. Typhlopidae  
SUBFAMILY. Typhlopinae   
Amerotyphlops minuisquamus, Amerotyphlops stadelmani, Amerotyphlops trinitatus, Amerotyphlops yonenagae, Amerotyphlops reticulatus, Amerotyphlops amoipira, Amerotyphlops costaricensis, Amerotyphlops microstomus, Amerotyphlops paucisquamus, Amerotyphlops tasymicris, Amerotyphlops tycherus, Amerotyphlops arenensis, Amerotyphlops tenuis, Amerotyphlops brongersmianus, Amerotyphlops lehneri , Antillotyphlops annae, Antillotyphlops dominicanus, Antillotyphlops hypomethes, Antillotyphlops platycephalus, Antillotyphlops geotomus, Antillotyphlops naugus, Antillotyphlops monensis, Antillotyphlops catapontus, Antillotyphlops granti, Antillotyphlops monastus, Antillotyphlops richardi, Antillotyphlops guadeloupensis , Cubatyphlops perimychus, Cubatyphlops paradoxus, Cubatyphlops anchaurus, Cubatyphlops arator, Cubatyphlops caymanensis, Cubatyphlops epactius, Cubatyphlops notorachius, Cubatyphlops satelles, Cubatyphlops anousius, Cubatyphlops biminiensis, Cubatyphlops contorhinus, Cubatyphlops golyathi , Typhlops schwartzi, Typhlops sylleptor, Typhlops tetrathyreus, Typhlops agoralionis, Typhlops leptolepis, Typhlops eperopeus, Typhlops hectus, Typhlops lumbricalis, Typhlops pachyrhinus, Typhlops rostellatus, Typhlops sulcatus, Typhlops syntherus, Typhlops pusillus, Typhlops titanops, Typhlops capitulatus, Typhlops silus, Typhlops gonavensis, Typhlops jamaicensis, Typhlops oxyrhinus, Typhlops proancylops
SUBFAMILY. Asiatyphlopinae   
Acutotyphlops subocularis, Acutotyphlops infralabialis, Acutotyphlops solomonis, Acutotyphlops banaorum, Acutotyphlops kunuaensis , Anilios proximus, Anilios chamodracaena, Anilios fossor, Anilios silvia, Anilios endoterus, Anilios systenos, Anilios tovelli, Anilios grypus, Anilios bicolor, Anilios unguirostris, Anilios howi, Anilios nigrescens, Anilios wiedii, Anilios leptosomus, Anilios yirrikalae, Anilios affinis, Anilios margaretae, Anilios leucoproctus, Anilios longissimus, Anilios nema, Anilios insperatus, Anilios bituberculatus, Anilios pinguis, Anilios centralis, Anilios aspinus, Anilios robertsi, Anilios diversus, Anilios obtusifrons, Anilios splendidus, Anilios ganei, Anilios zonula, Anilios guentheri, Anilios troglodytes, Anilios hamatus, Anilios ammodytes, Anilios waitii, Anilios kimberleyensis, Anilios yampiensis, Anilios australis, Anilios ligatus, Anilios erycinus, Anilios minimus, Anilios micrommus, Anilios nigricaudus, Anilios batillus, Anilios pilbarensis, Anilios torresianus, Anilios broomi , Argyrophis fuscus, Argyrophis siamensis, Argyrophis diardii, Argyrophis hypsobothrius, Argyrophis koshunensis, Argyrophis roxaneae, Argyrophis muelleri, Argyrophis bothriorhynchus, Argyrophis giadinhensis, Argyrophis klemmeri, Argyrophis oatesii, Argyrophis trangensis , Cyclotyphlops deharvengi , Indotyphlops veddae, Indotyphlops braminus, Indotyphlops ahsanai, Indotyphlops fletcheri, Indotyphlops lankaensis, Indotyphlops leucomelas, Indotyphlops meszoelyi, Indotyphlops malcolmi, Indotyphlops schmutzi, Indotyphlops filiformis, Indotyphlops tenuicollis, Indotyphlops albiceps, Indotyphlops violaceus, Indotyphlops ozakiae, Indotyphlops exiguus, Indotyphlops jerdoni, Indotyphlops lazelli, Indotyphlops madgemintonae, Indotyphlops porrectus, Indotyphlops pammeces, Indotyphlops loveridgei, Indotyphlops tenebrarum, Indotyphlops longissimus , Ramphotyphlops hatmaliyeb, Ramphotyphlops mansuetus, Ramphotyphlops multilineatus, Ramphotyphlops suluensis, Ramphotyphlops olivaceus, Ramphotyphlops willeyi, Ramphotyphlops acuticaudus, Ramphotyphlops bipartitus, Ramphotyphlops becki, Ramphotyphlops depressus, Ramphotyphlops flaviventer, Ramphotyphlops lorenzi, Ramphotyphlops marxi, Ramphotyphlops similis, Ramphotyphlops lineatus, Ramphotyphlops supranasalis, Ramphotyphlops angusticeps, Ramphotyphlops conradi, Ramphotyphlops adocetus, Ramphotyphlops cumingii, Ramphotyphlops exocoeti , Sundatyphlops polygrammicus , Xerotyphlops vermicularis, Xerotyphlops wilsoni, Xerotyphlops socotranus, Xerotyphlops luristanicus, Xerotyphlops etheridgei
SUBFAMILY. Madatyphlopinae   
Madatyphlops reuteri, Madatyphlops andasibensis, Madatyphlops boettgeri, Madatyphlops comorensis, Madatyphlops domerguei, Madatyphlops mucronatus, Madatyphlops rajeryi, Madatyphlops albanalis, Madatyphlops madagascariensis, Madatyphlops arenarius, Madatyphlops cariei, Madatyphlops decorsei, Madatyphlops microcephalus, Madatyphlops ocularis
SUBFAMILY. Afrotyphlopinae   
Afrotyphlops schmidti, Afrotyphlops punctatus, Afrotyphlops tanganicanus, Afrotyphlops schlegelii, Afrotyphlops brevis, Afrotyphlops angolensis, Afrotyphlops calabresii, Afrotyphlops blanfordii, Afrotyphlops manni, Afrotyphlops fornasinii, Afrotyphlops obtusus, Afrotyphlops kaimosae, Afrotyphlops decorosus, Afrotyphlops nanus, Afrotyphlops rondoensis, Afrotyphlops steinhausi, Afrotyphlops elegans, Afrotyphlops usambaricus, Afrotyphlops anomalus, Afrotyphlops mucruso, Afrotyphlops bibronii, Afrotyphlops cuneirostris, Afrotyphlops congestus, Afrotyphlops platyrhynchus, Afrotyphlops gierrai, Afrotyphlops angeli, Afrotyphlops lineolatus, Afrotyphlops liberiensis, Afrotyphlops nigrocandidus , Grypotyphlops acutus , Letheobia gracilis, Letheobia newtoni, Letheobia stejnegeri, Letheobia pembana, Letheobia pallida, Letheobia somalica, Letheobia caeca, Letheobia swahilica, Letheobia debilis, Letheobia uluguruensis, Letheobia erythraea, Letheobia zenkeri, Letheobia jubana, Letheobia coecatus, Letheobia largeni, Letheobia akagerae, Letheobia lumbriciformis, Letheobia feae, Letheobia pauwelsi, Letheobia rufescens, Letheobia simonii, Letheobia praeocularis, Letheobia sudanensis, Letheobia crossii, Letheobia toritensis, Letheobia episcopus, Letheobia wittei, Letheobia graueri, Letheobia acutirostrata, Letheobia kibarae, Letheobia mbeerensis, Letheobia leucosticta , Rhinotyphlops scortecci, Rhinotyphlops boylei, Rhinotyphlops leucocephalus, Rhinotyphlops ataeniatus, Rhinotyphlops unitaeniatus, Rhinotyphlops lalandei, Rhinotyphlops schinzi
FAMILY. Leptotyphlopidae  
SUBFAMILY. Leptotyphlopinae   
Epacrophis drewesi, Epacrophis reticulatus, Epacrophis boulengeri , Leptotyphlops merkeri, Leptotyphlops howelli, Leptotyphlops jacobseni, Leptotyphlops keniensis, Leptotyphlops nigricans, Leptotyphlops pembae, Leptotyphlops macrops, Leptotyphlops pungwensis, Leptotyphlops conjunctus, Leptotyphlops sylvicolus, Leptotyphlops latirostris, Leptotyphlops emini, Leptotyphlops incognitus, Leptotyphlops kafubi, Leptotyphlops mbanjensis, Leptotyphlops nigroterminus, Leptotyphlops pitmani, Leptotyphlops aethiopicus, Leptotyphlops scutifrons, Leptotyphlops distanti, Leptotyphlops telloi , Myriopholis nursii, Myriopholis filiformis, Myriopholis rouxestevae, Myriopholis adleri, Myriopholis parkeri, Myriopholis algeriensis, Myriopholis yemenica, Myriopholis boueti, Myriopholis burii, Myriopholis erythraeus, Myriopholis macrorhyncha, Myriopholis narirostris, Myriopholis wilsoni, Myriopholis perreti, Myriopholis longicauda, Myriopholis tanae, Myriopholis albiventer, Myriopholis lanzai, Myriopholis blanfordi, Myriopholis braccianii, Myriopholis cairi, Myriopholis ionidesi, Myriopholis macrura , Namibiana gracilior, Namibiana occidentalis, Namibiana labialis, Namibiana latifrons, Namibiana rostrata
SUBFAMILY. Epictinae   
Epictia antoniogarciai, Epictia signata, Epictia striatula, Epictia pauldwyeri, Epictia tricolor, Epictia teaguei, Epictia vanwallachi, Epictia resetari, Epictia tesselata, Epictia alfredschmidti, Epictia vonmayi, Epictia vellardi, Epictia clinorostris, Epictia hobartsmithi, Epictia diaplocia, Epictia bakewelli, Epictia magnamaculata, Epictia vindumi, Epictia unicolor, Epictia peruviana, Epictia amazonica, Epictia ater, Epictia rufidorsa, Epictia martinezi, Epictia collaris, Epictia subcrotilla, Epictia septemlineata, Epictia australis, Epictia tenella, Epictia albipuncta, Epictia venegasi, Epictia undecimstriata, Epictia borapeliotes, Epictia wynni, Epictia fallax, Epictia columbi, Epictia albifrons, Epictia goudotii, Epictia phenops, Epictia munoai, Epictia melanura, Epictia schneideri, Epictia rubrolineata , Mitophis asbolepis, Mitophis leptipileptus, Mitophis calypso, Mitophis pyrites , Rena maxima, Rena dugesii, Rena dissecta, Rena unguirostris, Rena bressoni, Rena humilis, Rena myopica, Rena iversoni, Rena segrega, Rena boettgeri, Rena dulcis , Rhinoguinea magna , Rhinoleptus koniagui , Siagonodon borrichianus, Siagonodon septemstriatus, Siagonodon acutirostris, Siagonodon cupinensis , Tetracheilostoma breuili, Tetracheilostoma bilineatum, Tetracheilostoma carlae , Tricheilostoma sundewalli, Tricheilostoma broadleyi, Tricheilostoma greenwelli, Tricheilostoma bicolor, Tricheilostoma dissimilis , Trilepida salgueiroi, Trilepida macrolepis, Trilepida affinis, Trilepida dimidiata, Trilepida nicefori, Trilepida anthracina, Trilepida guayaquilensis, Trilepida koppesi, Trilepida pastusa, Trilepida brasiliensis, Trilepida jani, Trilepida brevissima, Trilepida dugandi, Trilepida fuliginosa, Trilepida joshuai
FAMILY. Xenotyphlopidae  
Xenotyphlops grandidieri

SUPERFAMILY. Incertae_sedis  
FAMILY. Aniliidae  
Anilius scytale
FAMILY. Bolyeriidae  
Bolyeria multocarinata , Casarea dussumieri
FAMILY. Tropidophiidae  
Trachyboa boulengeri, Trachyboa gularis , Tropidophis caymanensis, Tropidophis taczanowskyi, Tropidophis schwartzi, Tropidophis xanthogaster, Tropidophis battersbyi, Tropidophis galacelidus, Tropidophis celiae, Tropidophis stullae, Tropidophis greenwayi, Tropidophis preciosus, Tropidophis morenoi, Tropidophis fuscus, Tropidophis pardalis, Tropidophis stejnegeri, Tropidophis pilsbryi, Tropidophis hendersoni, Tropidophis spiritus, Tropidophis jamaicensis, Tropidophis wrighti, Tropidophis parkeri, Tropidophis hardyi, Tropidophis canus, Tropidophis bucculentus, Tropidophis feicki, Tropidophis grapiuna, Tropidophis haetianus, Tropidophis maculatus, Tropidophis nigriventris, Tropidophis curtus, Tropidophis paucisquamis, Tropidophis melanurus, Tropidophis semicinctus
FAMILY. Xenophidiidae  
Xenophidion schaeferi, Xenophidion acanthognathus