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We are continuously improving the database and external data contributions are highly appreciated. As a matter of fact, this project would have never started without Peter Uetz from THE REPTILE DATABASE who regularly provides data about snake taxonomy. Andrew M. Durso – well known for his blog Life is Short, but Snakes are Long – contributed a very detailed data set about fangs of Lamprophiidae.

We encourage everybody who collects referenced & structured data about snake morphology, toxicity, distribution or common names to contribute his data to our database. We do accept all common data exchange formats like Excel-Sheets, CSV or SQL. And we do exchange data sets with other database projects.

Any contribution is tracked and recorded. In the near future (12/2018) we will be even able to display the contributor's name in all reference pages that show this data. By supporting us with data contributions you will enlarge the audience for your research and support this website in educating people about snakes.

If you want to share data, just sent a mail and let us know.

Contributor's List

Name Contributed Data Records
Sascha Steinhoff 106967
Peter Uetz 4930
Andrew M. Durso 459
All data records 112356